Wednesday, 29 March 2006

I have viscous ear wax...

There we go, just to get it out of the way, the doctor told me today, my ear wax is... viscous... Hmmm.... Apparently that means that it's just absorbed the drops that were meant to get rid of it, and was too sticky for the tweezers when she tried (after squirting a lot of water in there....)

What's going on, I hear you ask... Well, my ears have been causing me trouble, and this time it isn't gossip related (actually, when has it been?) Last week I had a sore ear, that didn't get better, so i went to the doctor, she told me it sounded like an ear infection, but couldn't actually see my ear drum because of the ear wax (my mum tells me it's quite common in my family for the ears to not clear themselves properly, like they should). The doctor (after having a good laugh at me) gave me antibiotics and ear drops, and said come back in a week.

Well today was a week, so I went back, ear pain all gone, but wax not. She tried washing my ears out (not with soap, they hadn't heard naughty words) and tweezering, but said that since I can still hear fine, just to keep on ear dropping until the bottle's empty... Fun fun fun, that stuff STINKS! And the wax is just supposed to drop out onto my pillow or something at night... That's REVOLTING!

So why haven't I written for a while? You're asking me? I dunno, I'd hoped you know! Right now I'm procrastinating, after analysing The Pardoner's Tale for a few hours, Dad's coming to collect me from uni in 10 minutes, so i thought I'd satisfy the anxious rabble and write something... SOMETHING... happy now?

Well Clarrie crashed her plane, that was an interesting point of the week, poor poppet, she's all good I hear, bit shaken, but raring to go on a new lot of flying lessons. Was praised in the paper for her perfect emergency procedures, nothing her fault. We did joke that it was scary that she was flying, but never expected anything really to happen..... Same as Ruth getting her Ps last week... Well done Ruth... Where are you going to drive? The 100m to church? the 200m to uni? Me home? That sounds like a plan...!!!

I love this weather at the moment, it's so beautiful, nice nip in the air, but sunny and blue skies.... The tint on the library windows certainly adds an extra something too....

Got my computer last week, it's wonderful! Just like the old school ones, but a new model. iBook G4 12"... DVD player is fun!! I'm loving it, although looking forward to being able to use it at home on the internet, without having to squidge my knees into the filing cabinet (the password for the wireless network has been forgotten, I have to plug into a 40cm cord instead...)

Twins going wonderfully... Will stick some pics up sometime.... Ashar is much bigger than Rohan, but both are growing! I went over and saw them about a month ago, when they were still in hospital... So small and yoda-like. Amazing though. Rose calls them "my boys" as in "how are my boys today?" which is so cute!

Anything else? I'm busy.. Trying to find a job, but no idea when I'll fit one in... If anyone has any ideas on a job for just a few hours a week that can be fitted into very specific times, please tell me!!! I'm leading youth group... Sorry, CrossEyed, grade 7-9 which is fantastic, helping the International Students improve their English at the English Classes, helping Heth teach her 20 primary school kids to dance, and going to Bible Study (which is wonderful, I need something to get me reading my Bible more!)... Plus uni, just on the side....

Ok, must be off to meet Dad! Would love to know if anyone's actually still reading my blog, so comment or email or something!!!