Thursday, 22 December 2005

Well my far spread friends (that sounds like a jam advertisment!)

I"ve now been back for exactly two weeks, and have heard the question "is it weird being back" more times that I can poke a stick at, and the answer is YES and NO! It's kinda weird because everyone's got experiences and jokes about things that I've missed, which is strange (and sometimes a little embarassing when I laugh for a different reason, and then everyone asks me why I'm laughing, and I have o explain, and it shows how my brain really doesn't work... but yeah...!) And no it's not so weird because it's back home, and hey, I'm a well travelled person with stories to tell my grandkids now! It is nice to know that some people are only happy to have me back for my massaging skills though... Hmmm Jono???

Ummm.... What have I done in my time so far! I have enrolled at uni, I am now an official Uni Student.... without any id, or proof.... But the lady at enrollment day told us that from that moment we were students, so there you go! She told me so! I'll be studying Arts Law, with English, History, Intro to Law and 2nd Year German (ohlala! Spiffy!) Erica and I have history and german together which will be nice! Today I handed in my HECs form, exciting stuff...

On Tuesday Bridget got back from her expeditions in Mexico and Jamaica (no Jamaican Rum consumed, but she can do that next time!) and America, she was rather daz-ed and confus-ed, but it's good to have her back! Imo K and I went out to meet her, which gave us a chance to explore the new airport stuff, looks all very shiny and spiffy, although all the toys are still made in China... But the lounge is cool.... We think it must be one of the very few airports left in the world, where anyone can go through to the departure lounge, not just those who are flying... And that's really nice! Although we know Hobart has a very quirks at the airport.... The baggage carousel for instance (although I reckon it's probably faster than the traditional ones, and far friendlier, with the sniffer dogs and all!)

Well I've had a pretty social life in the past weeks, although I'm sorry to those I've only seen at their works or anything, I promise we'll all have to do something in January, although after camps, so after the 16th for me....

Today I had dinner with a friend, her family and a friend of hers who I'd never met, but heard all about while I was away (and I think it was vice versa) which was fun, after that Erica, Hannes and I went and ate icecream, walked along Bellerive, stickybeaked Erica's Grandpa's old house and played Frisbee.... Then I raced off to my other engagement, a farewell party for Kate B, where I played massager (I'm not confident enough in my masseuse and masseur terms to use them!) and then came home again... Wow this is all getting exciting!

Ummm... Ahhhh.... My brother came home today, his first Christmas home for several years, which will be nice, but no sister this year, complications with the twins she's expecting. Please pray about that, one's not getting enough food and is much smaller, and we are waiting for an emergency caesarean any time in the next couple of weeks.... But it's nice that my brother is home, usually he's working with his church or something at some big Christmas lunch for the Melbournian homeless, I think... Something along those lines...

My brother being home meant we finally bought a Christmas tree, tradition in the family is that the children go tree hunting, and this year we've gotten a good one. Very bushy, not too bald in the middle (will put photos up for you Austrians!)... Lovely! Finally starting to feel like Christmas, although I think that being pulled in to be a sheep in the nativity play also helped!

Tomorrow is meant to be hot, so maybe I'll be organised and organise a beach trip, which would be nice, since I haven't been yet, since I've been back, it's always the hot days that I have other stuff to do! Like Wednesday, when it was about 36 degrees, and I had to go job searching.... Discovered people who work at youth hostels are very enthusiastic... Dunno if I've got the right enthusiasm levels to be able to get in there! Have to go back everywhere in the middle of January!

But really that's all... Sunday will be Christmas, go to church in the morning (I'm doing a reading, so have to go - usually just go to midnight mass on Saturday) then do the present thing, have lunch, talk the afternoon away, eat more in the evening (well I will at least, my family will probably be horrified if I say I'm still hungry!) then watch one of the inevitable DVDs (someone alwazs gets a movie of some sort, last year I got the original Italian Job, one of the best films ever I reckon!).... It's always hard to keep Christmas around the proper focus, there are so many distractions, but it's not impossible.

Well I think that's all.... Maybe more, maybe less next time, alhtough this time it took threats from AUstrians to write, so now I know that people are still reading this, even though I'm back! Hooray!

Thursday, 15 December 2005

Sie haben mich gebietet...

Hallo hier ist mein Blog! Warum willst du etwas hier Melanie? Ich verstehe nicht...!

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Mobile number

MY MOBILE NUMBER IS THE SAME AUSTRALIAN NUMBER I HAD BEFORE I LEFT.... The 0400 etc one! If you need it, ask and you shall receive...

Friday, 9 December 2005

I' bin da ham!

Hello! I'm back, and now have to get used to this kezboard again! All the letters are in funny places again!! i'm on mz mum's new laptop, very spiffy, wireless internet and all that!! i'm a little jetlagged, i think, but don't really feel tired, just don't have any idea what time it is - my body clock is telling me i'm in a no time zone!

Anyway, so i'm back, thanks everyone whocame to the airport, must say i wasn't expecting to be met by nearly so many people! very exciting! Made me feel very spesh!

Hmmm.... Where to start with the narration of my return! Tuesday is probably a good place, ormaybe Monday night, when I unpacked all my suitcase, jsut to find an elusive item, which may have been too heavy to bring (only to remember, after all my clothes were on the floor, that i'd packed it to send over in my posted stuff!) Nah, i'll start from Tuesday...

Tuesdaz I think was the weirdest day of my life... I was still at school and everything, but knew that it was my last day, and it all just made me feel really strange, the "want to go, no don't want to go" thing! But in Physics (my last lesson, and funnily enough, my first way back at the beginning of the year) i got up and said cheers, here eat Aussie biccies, and learnt how a plane flies... At the end, just about the whole class lined up to kiss my cheeks and shake my hand... Mildly startling(well not disturbing, but peculiar... no that's not rigth either... anyway, you get the idea...) when even people you've barely spoken to all year comoe up for the cheek clash... Very nice of them though!!

Anyway, after that a few of us went out for non-alcoholic drinks... i went home and packed and now my cat has just deleted all that i just wrote about the flights and my weekend and everything, and i really can't be bothered writing it all again.... What is it they say in Mog, drat that cat...

Got home, dekayed in Vienna and Sydney, watched Batman Begins, Batman and Robin, Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy then slept....

Met by lots of people in Hobart, very exciting, lots more people than I expected!

went home, got in OWN bed! MY OWN BED! With own cat! Slept then woke up then went to supermarket (in ENGLISH!!!) and ohhed and Ahhed about everything.

Saw Joyeux Noel (CLICK HERE!) really cool film about the Germans, French and Scottish playing soccer and socialising on Christmas Eve in WW1, based on a few true stories! ery Very good, i saw it again on Saturday with Erica and Katherine (had promo tickets!)

Saw dancing concert on Saturday night, very cool, never watched one before, always been involved!

Sunday, went to church, yay! Lots of peopel there! Lots of fun, and good too!

Today, put lots of net hats on small children before they could ride the donkeys.... And got sunburnt, and went into town, and all that! And collected a new road rules book, so i can reget my L's (how embarrassing...!)

OK, that's it for now, the condensed version! My week is now filling up again...

Don't know if any Austrians are reading this (let me know if you are!)

I'm going now, have to watch Dr Who!

Monday, 5 December 2005

The inevitable final post!!

Well people, that's it for the adventures of Imo in Austria! i'm off on Wednesday to fight the airports of the world (my route is fairly impressive: Linz - Vienna, Vienna - Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur - Sydney, Sydney - Hobart).. This will probably be my last Austrian internet time, so I have to write that reflections post... But first, my weekend!

Friday night, lots of fun, Bibi and I watched Echt Fett on a laptop (they don't have an actual dvd player, but in the computers...) after getting the sound but no picture on her's and then the picture but no sound on Fritz's (in the end it was just a matter of pressing a button on his and it all worked beautifully!) But that was all very funny!

Saturday, headed off to Vienna for the day, with a whole heap of cronies of my host parents. First was coffee in one of Vienna's most famous Coffee Houses (no idea what it's called...) then nd i joined them for a tour of the parliament house, which was very interesting, very cool building, then went off to hunt for souvenirs and entertain ourselves (didn't really want to go the the art exhibition everyone else was at!) I bought a 'No Kangaroos in Austria' bag... Teehee! We jsut kinda wandered around, window shopping etc etc, lots of fun, pizza for lunch blah blah blah. Then we found an English Cinema... And noticed that Harry Potter was playing at a nice time, and both felt we didn'T really want to go and sit in a smoky restaurant listening to all the others for 4 hours, and after a brief visit to the Rathaus Christkindlmarkt (christmas market, very big things here) which was a little disappointing, partially because it had sooooooooo many people, we went and saw Harry Potter... Now Dad, I know I said I'd go with you, and i will too, I thought it was fantastic (alhtough in some aspects a little disappointing, just in what they've cut to make it to the bearalbe 3 hours...!) and will very happily see it a second time!! Looking forward to it! Anyway, I found it to be definately the best from all so far!

After that we explored a smaller, much better market, while waiting for everyone else to finish in the restaurant, then went home again... Was a fantastic day really! Great last saturday!

On Sunday I tackled the packing thing... Tricky... It's not that there's too much stuff, it's just that I think it may weigh a little too much, alhtough i'll work it out... Can still fit lots into my hand baggage!! Then we went off to a more local market, but it wasn't so fantastic (apparently it's usually far better)...

Well lots of people are coming to see me off at the airport, yay!!! That'll be good! Ummm....What else... not much else, so I think I'm obliged to do that reflective bit now...

This year has been a mixture of good and bad, although mostly good, with just a little bit of bad to make me really appreciate houw good the good was!! I've learnt so much, apart from my German, and now have international friends, HOORAY! I now know for certain I can be self-sufficient, and while it's nice to rely on others for everything, it's not necessary...!! My self-confidence in such matters has gone up and up and up! Risk taking is a must in life, and this year I've discovered how much fun it can be... I hope I can remember all these lessons when I get back home!!!

Of course I'll be sad too leave everyone here, and Linz and the 'European thing' - being able to drive to Germany for the day... Milka and Schnitzel Semmels will be missed, as will the multitude of tv channels... But all these are just 'things' (and I've discovered how silly having lots of things is, alhtough I still do.... Much to the distress of my suitcase...!) and the biggest thing I'll miss will be all the people, all my school friends especially! Of course we've all promised to visit each other (me promising that mum'll feed them, but they should come for summer, for the Taste and everything!) but who knows if those promises will hold up! I'd love to visit Dina in Egypt and have my own personal guide, and I hope I can do it, but you never know what's going to happen next.... But we'll all be keeping in contact... I guess I'm just a little scared that we'll not have anything in common, and won't bother to keep in touch because there's nothing to talk about except 'that crazy year'....

I was here when the Pope died, when London was attacked, when bird flu came along, and they've all made it an interesting year... I have no idea what I've missed in Australia, except seeing the Aussies at the bottom in the skiing, the soccer, and the cricket... But I've learnt much more about the whole world, learnt to do the world view thing, not just the aussie knows best (which of course is true, but not really the point....!!! :-p)

So coming back will be weird... I'm sure I've changed (although, despite my ramblings, I have no idea what are visible changes and what not), and I'm sure that it'll be strange to be back in good ol' tassie, where people speak a normal language, with logical grammar.. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again, too my own bed and our house where I know what goes and what not... I'll be grateful to get away from the carpet that is 'vacuumed into submission' (I got that from an excerpt of 'The Xenophobes Guide to the Austrians' which looks like a very accurate description of the Austrian people, from my perspective!), alhtough may feel oddly compulsed to clean my bedroom, and maybe even the rest of the house (no mum, don't jump for joy, it's bad for the knees!)

Well anyway, I think that's enough of a reflection, if someone wants my opinion on how I've found something, tell me and I'll tell them... i'm off to iceskating in p.e. (Ice Skating, in PE!! No forms for the parents to sign or ANYTHING!!!) then home to fight the suitcase (and the scales..) Btw, despite all predictions, I don't think I have had any serious weight gain in my time here... Probably a little, maybe 1-2kg (which I doN't really think is anything, but not compared to the tens of thousands people were telling me!)....

Must be off, hve to take advantage of the slippery factor in ice (Bibi, poor poppet, has discovered that factor accidently twice since friday, once outside the house, o nthe way to the train, flat on the back, the next this morning running for the bus... Impressive but rather painful looking...)

Friday, 2 December 2005

Sydney Airport!

What do people think (preferable people with experience in these issues, not just those with an opinion), is it better to bus from one airport to the other or train? In Sydney that is! i've got about 4 hours (hopefully, provided the customs people let me through with Manner wafers and Mozart Kügel, alhtough I've posted both of those into Tassie at times, so don'T think there'll be a prob!) so time isn't an issue, but what's easier to find, with luggage and everything? They both cost the same, althoug the train is faster...

WEll, last weekend coming up! Vienna tomorrow, then packing on Sunday... I've kinda started that, but it's always tricky when you still need a fair bit of the stuff!! The randomest teachers have commented (our 'form teacher'/english/music teacher found out from the physics teacher, who offered to teach in my last two lessons what I wanted to learn about, but then forgot (luckily, since then I'd actually have to pay attention, and didn't really have much of an idea...) although there's still one lesson to go, last thing on Tuesday!). The Latin teacher, who knows me as the 'Austauschkind' (exchange child!!) who's just like a cross between Tammy and Frau Bye, said today we'll have to do something, she'll prolly cook something...!!

Anyway, I have to find out about Aussie quarantine laws, and my passenger numbers, so I can get my tickets, so i can fly!! Hey, on the plane I'll geto t see Hitchikers Guide and Batman Begins, two films I was interested in going to see, but didn'T! Hooray! Also the Fantastic Four, Mr and Mrs Smith (seen that though) and lots of others...!! I like flying! Will have to see if I can get a pack of cards (only if they're free) to add to my collection!

Monday, 28 November 2005

Mein Geburtstag!

Und nochmal, Nachrichten für die Österreiche! Hallo, wilkommen zu meine Blog! Hier schreibe ich alles über meine Abenteuer in Österreich! Ihr durft es alles lesen, aber ich bin mir lieber (sagt man dass?) wenn ihr bis nächste Woche wartet! Ich fühle mich besser wenn ich weiss dass niemand hier es liest! Ich versuch nichts gemein zu schreiben, aber ich schriebe immer meine Meinung, für alle meine Familie und Freunde in Australien.... Aber nächstes Jahr, schreib ich für euch, und ihr könntet über meine Tasmanische Abentuere lesen! Danke!!!

Well it didn't actually snow on my birthday, but on Sunday there was SOOOOOO much snow!! Apparently it's the coldenst November on record! I think it's jsut for me because I was going to miss out by not being here for Christmas...!!!

Ok, birthday... Well woke up in time for breakfast (for once, I usually sleep too long then find they're just finishing or something...) got up and had a birthday brekkie. I got a Manner cake.. Manner are these really yummy wafers (I'm bringin back a fair number, hopefully they'll be allowed into the country!) and Bibi had laid them out on a plate, with a candle, and then 6 other packets (about 8cm by 8cm) on the table, and confetti, and a glass of orange juice with a straw and a bread dough man thing (I can't remember what they're called, but is the anti-St Nicholas or something) which was yummy... From the family I got all that Manner, a really nice Guardian Angel necklace (tradition here that everyone has one) and the cassette tape of Die Monster AG (monsters inc), for german listening practice!!

Then my host parents went out, and Bibi and I got ready for the surprise lunch for my host mother (her birthday was on wednesday!). We all met up at hte local Gasthaus, including heaps of other family and ate deer for lunch... Can'T say I really liked it all that much, largley jsut because it was a little too rare for my tastes... erk! Oh, and my parents rang me before that!

After that we moved back home, for the three cakes people had brought and general afternoon of chatting and coffee and all (and then the skiing in the evening!)

So that was my actual birthday! Yesterday Bibi and I had the hosue to ourselves because Margrete and Fritz had to go to a funeral (is today, but 5 hours drive away)so that was nice. We just lazed around, watched lots of episodes of Pimp My Ride (there was really nothingo n tv, and we had our English Test today!) and ate lots of left over cake (and I read over about 100 things for Bibi!!)

Today we had the 'schularbeit' 2 hour english test, not really too hard, although I think I wrote way too much! Had to go through and change all my & signs to and though, because the teacher last time nearly had a fit.... Then I got my pressies from my friends... More Manner (I have 18 as pressies now.. Think I'll eat a bit, but there'll still be more to come back!!!), gummy bears, mozart kugel, a cool austrian slug keyring (like Imo K's if you've seen that!) Also the 2nd Echt Fett DVD, hooray!!!! And a book (in German) to read on the plane (an Ian Rankin, I did the whole cough-point thing to show Simone which I wanted!)... Ummm I think that's all!

Gotta run! As usual! Mrt up with Magdalena for the last time today, we went to the Ars Electronica centre again, even better with someone else! Lots of fun! Had my last extra English lesson too, they all got nice Tim Tams and my cards (with all my details!) hence the new message at the top... Put it in google and tell me how it translates (if you're bored that is!)

Btw, fashionable colours ofr the Christmas Wreath this year, brown and orange!

Saturday, 26 November 2005

Schau wieder!!!

LOOK IT'S US AGAIN!! although you'll have to actually click on the htumbnail (not hard to find...!)!! This one'S with me, Melanie and Cora!! Look at that cheesy grin...

Well sent my final postcards today, I think.... Liz was the other person with the birthday card!! Thanks LIz!!! It was about 3 weeks early, but better early than never!!!

Must be off again!!

Thursday, 24 November 2005


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAELA!!!! Hope it was a good one!!!

Und jetzt, eine kleine Nachrichten für meiner Schülcollegen (wie schreibt man dass?)... Bitte, ihr durft meine(s?r?) Blog lesen, aber es ist besser wenn nicht! Ich sage nichts gemein (hoffentlich!) aber es ist wo ich schreibe was ich denke von meine abenteure, und ist für alle meiner Familie and Freunde und andere Leute in Australien! Normalerweise bin ich ehrlich, und ich habe liebe dass ihr es nicht liest wenn ich noch in Österreich bin. Nächstes Jahr, schreib ich viel für euch, Deutsch oder English (bin noch nicth sicher welcher!)!! Danke!! Blergh, ich kann nicht Deutsch schreiben!! (Tut mir leid Frau Bye, wenn Sie es lesen!)

Anyway, let me give everyone a little description of how cold it is outside... I was walking along to the library from school, about a 5-10 minute walk, eating my ham sandwich (not a roll, sorry, that was yesterday!) and the ham, which started as fresh and pink, gradually dried out and went that dried out brown ham colour.... Still tasted fine though... The bread too was distinctly cold and a little dryer.... I got an icecream type headache from breathing through my nose.... So yep, it's cold, but I must say it's nice!! I do like a bit of cold weather!! Especially since it looks like I'm going to be getting a white birthday!!! Hooray!!!

Speaking of my birthday, thanks everyone who's sent me cards... Erica, your's is sitting on my desk waiting for saturday. But thanks Mum and Dad, Granny, Pam and Charles, Clari, Bridget and I have a terrible feeling I've forgotten one... Thanks everyone!!

Here's a nce sentence our English teacher thought was correct: ...they go home every weekend, where they are being fed... Hmmm.... Now maybe that is technically correct, but it still implies to me that they are being constantly fed at home, despite only being there on the weekend... Try explaining that to a teacher who doesn't actually recognise that there is a mistake, especially when you absolutely cannt talk English (and I'm serious here, ever since I#ve started to only read German book,s my ability to think in English, and help other people in English has gone so far down hill, jack would have trouble catching it...) I'm ok on the blog, I can do that (just´) but normal life.... woah! My German isn't so crash hot in writing, as you may see at the beginning, so really I'm all even, talk in German, write in English...

Must be off, have to go to music, then find a birthday pressie for Simone... AHHHHHHHHHH! No idea there!!!


Btw, funny sign.... Nütze unsere Küche und bekoche deine Freunde... Now this is harmless use our kitchen to cook for your friends... but get rid of the 'be' in 'bekoche' and you get a different story... Who can tell me what...?

Monday, 21 November 2005

Schnee Katze!

Yesterday Bibi and I made a snowman and a snow cat in the backyard, and had a snowball fight, all in NOVEMBER!!!!! That'S right, there's heaps of snow around at the moment, apparently more than usual, alhtough when it snows i think it kinda looks a little like someone is just throwing handfuls of torn up loo paper... Still everything's very pretty and white and everything!! They don't appreciate the snow here properly, I think... Complain it's too cold and wet, but I love it!!! Waiting for the train in the snow is a novel experience!!! Anyway, just had to share my excitement!!! It's kinda cold, but I have warm clothes, so all good!!!

Thankyou Katherine and Erica for your affirmative comments on my weblog....

Btw, here's a comment I agree with very much (came from the Lonely Planet email newsletter)

If you actually look like your passport photo, you aren't well enough to
- Sir Vivian Fuchs

And now I can'T get it out of quote mode, so i'll be off!!

Saturday, 19 November 2005

Schau! Do bi' i!

The Ball was last night! Was fairly good, although not (I found) as good as our formals - too many people, all over the place (very cool building though) and lots of smoke.... There's a photo of me on the internet though, with Cora (a friend of Bibi)... And it displays my beautiful new hairstye rathre well (remember that was after the hairdresser, it isn't so cool anymore, alhtough still looks good, nicely styled!)... My fingernails are bright red... My hair still smells a little (as does my downie, sadly, and I have to wear it today because it's so cold - it snowed this morning, well when I woke up, so this afternoon....!!) but i'm not tired, so that's nice! Anyway, here's the link to a photo of me - CLICK HERE!!´There are lots of other Ball photos there too!!

So the Ball.. Well Bibi and I wagged music yesterday afternoon, so we could go to the hairdresser (the teacher told us he'd be late, and althoug he couldn't officially cancel the class, if we weren't there, it wasn't a big issue!) I got my hair cut (i told her I have to be able to tie it all back, needs to suit my face (duh!) but that's all my requirements!) and was told a few times, 'don't be shocked by how much I'm cutting here (a lot, it was almost to my elbow again, and now is almost all above my shoulders, so about 15 cm is gone) and 'don't be worried if it looks like there's smoke (the straightener, never thought I could get my hair straightened, but it made it very smooth with the flip at the bottom!)... Was fun though, especially seeing Bibi sitting there under the old lady perm/space machine... Then I got homeabout an hour before her, I ate and prepared, and then got a fantastic jaw drop from Bibi when I appeared... Very funny! But we both looked really different for the night (I actually don't think a few people recognised me)! Her hair was all in curls! Got to the ball, delivered our coats (and spare shoes) and waited for ages for everyone to get there so we could go in! Everyone can invite up to 7 people to come to the Ball with them (family and close friends), so there were A LOT of people! Once we went in, we found our table, (about 3 rooms with reserved tables (had to reserve a place)) and sat down. Tried prosecco, is a Ball tradtition, but can'T say I really liked it, jsut like fizzy white wine... erk! There was a big ball room, where we watched a girl from our class perform a very cool dance, and the midnight bag out the teachers performance... There was also a (very loud) room with live bands, and lots of other such things. Very easy to lose people! Basically we just floated all over the place for 5 hours, I got my handbag signed by people (found a really terrible, cheap bag, white pvc, and people signed it for me!) etc etc! Eventually we left for the after party (I was really horribly tired, that's one of the worst things about having to speak a foreign language all the time, it's incredibly tiring, even when you don't realise it (realise it at 2am, trust me!) We had to wait until our first train hoome, at 5am... Melanie and I weren't that happy in Cheese, the bar for the after party, it was at first a little boring, and we were sitting right near the speakers (I hate it when places have jsut 2 speakers for a large space, so they're always really loud to sit near... But anyway!) Once it started to get interesting however, we'd both developed small headaches, and sore throats from yelling, and decided to go early to the train (Bibi stayed, and got home at 8am). That was a bit sad, that we couldn't stay, but it was just getting a little much! Was all rather funny though, lots of drunk Austrians singning loudly along with German songs, standing on tables swinging their biersteins (those really big beer glasses)... It was really... well.... proper!! Just like Austrians are supposed to act with the beer!

So got home at 5;30, was freezing cold, went to bed, and slept until 12:30, got up again and came into town!

Overall it was a fun night, alhtough not the best i#ve had, but I'm glad I went along! Simone came with laryngitis (or something).... Poor poppet!

Ummm.... Yep that's all folks! Oh no! Very cool, my mobile now works with all sim cards, including Aussie ones, hooray! And the guy in the shop did it for free, not entirely sure why, usually it costs €18 ($30ish) which was great, maybe it was the novelty of serving an Australian!!! Hooray!! And I can send as much stuff home as I like, through my host father's work, for free!! I don'T know why, or what strings were pulled, but it's fantastic!!

So tarra! tschüss!

Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Nota film for vegetarians...

We Feed the World was very very interesting (I understood the majority), I learnt a lot about food production, especially, don'T buy soy products from Brazil. Anyway, can'T explain... This film, however I wouldn't recommend for vegos, apart from the fact that show in detail hens going from happy little eggs to happy big plucked headless, wrapped in plastic things (I've alwyys wondered about the process, only put me off eating non-free range, and i was almost laughing because they looked SOOOO much like rubber chickens, cruel but true...), but also because they prolly wouldn'T want to eat ANYTHING, after seeing the conditions farmers in South America live in, and the conditions tomatoes in Africa are grown.... Etc Etc!

Anyway, sorry, would talk more (sorry Kath, pity about the study) but I have to run off and buy some last minute Ball things!

Btw, I don'T want to buy more credit f0r my phone, so i'll not be replying to anyone's messages unless they're REALLY urgent, and those people with birthdays coming up, won't be getting a message.... Sorry! But I don't think I'll be needing €20 in the next 3 weeks....! So don't worry if I don'T reply, if I need to tell you something, it'll be here or through email!

Saturday, 12 November 2005

Going to see a film for philosophy on Monday - We Feed the World, Austrian film about how food is produced and how that affects everyone and stuff (I think)... Sounds actually very interesting!

Ball next week, eeek! Having my hair done, although for costs I'm planning on just getting it cut (who knows how!) although since Melanie's family is involved with the business, and she's coming along with Bibi and I, there could be mates rates or something - I don'T know if they do such thing here! Looking forward to the ball though, should be fun! Taking a traditional film camera, because I love getting photos back from things like that!

Really that's all... Btw, don'T know if I gave the wrong impression, but i am actually going to be going oit fro the birthday meal as well with my host family! Don't worry!!

Congrats Clarrie! The skies wil never be safe again... Bridget, enjoy your last week in Mexcio, and then Jamaica (you still going there?)

Hey, I'll be back in tassie, officially at 10:15 pm, 8th December. Or a bit after 10 at least (although that could be a 3 hours bit, who knows what delays will spring up....) So there you go if you want to greet me (this isn't just an ego thing, people have actually asked...!)...!! Teehee! Welcoming committee, how special! But don't have crises because you can'T be there, I won't kill anyone, will probably be jet lagged, but hyperactive.....

Tuesday, 8 November 2005

i've remembered the lost memories....

... and I have a paper cut under my fingernail, making it a little hard to type with my right hand, because it really hurts....

I eventually deciphered my writings on my hand, and since my class has a maths schularbeit now, and I had to go on (in?) the internet now anyway, I thought i#d share!

There is a phenomenon i've noticed among fluent English speakers here (well, three people now), and that is using the word 'dear'. They often especially say 'danke dear'... Weird.... Sounds very funny, I think!

I don't know if I've shared my coffee thoughts before, but I don't think I have! I must say, I'm very disappointed in coffee, was hoping that maybe i'd learn to drink it here, and although i've tried, I just can't get over that disappointment! It smells so thick and substancial, but feels so thin, just like hot water with scent added... I don't know, maybe I've tried the wrong sorts, but the only way I like coffee is with drinking chocolate and milk, because then the thick smell matches the way it feels in the mouth. I already knew it wasn't as good to drink as to smell, but still.... I had hopes... Mum and dad however have bought a coffee machine, or espresso machine, or something, so maybe i#ll find a way that is good (I like the idea of coffee!)...

For the second year in a row, my birthday is the day of celebrations for someone else... Last year it was Chloe's 18th party, this year it's the party (well, family gathering, go out for dinner) for my host mother. I don'T mind, I know they won't forget about me, but it makes it hard to go out, like Simone and I were planning (her birthday is the day before mine).... I know how erica feels now, with the afl final always on her weekend!!! The next weekend is my last, an we're going to Vienna for the saturday, so the Friday night couldn't be too late... Maybe we'll do it next week instead... Anyway, is going to be strange having a birthday here... BTW, anyone thinking of sending me pressies, I have a request. Send only if:

  1. I can leave it here (ie, edible etc...)
  2. It's small and lightweight, maybe even squashy (I have to fit it into my suitcase remember!)
  3. It really cannot wait 2 weeks until I get back...
  4. It's money (actually, then just give it to my parents and they'll stick it in my account!!)

Weekend was fun, Edith, Bibi's half sister came over for the weekend. She's got heaps of really funny stories, is a flight attendant with Lufthansa (and therefore speaks German, English, French and Spanish, and maybe other things too). Umm.... Yeah, lots of stories about tricky customers and stuff, but was a good weekend!!

Anyway, i'm not here just to chat, this is just the continuation of the post below!

Monday, 7 November 2005

The best description of book searching I have ever read!

Unfortunatly I cannot quote the best description ever, because the article's at home, and i'm not, but I can try to make it up! Was from the Guardian, Review section a couple of weeks ago, and basically said that readers will search for a book to search for their mood, not just the next one in a series or something. They look for the book that jumps out saying 'read me now'. This is soooo true, I read it and realised that's exactly it, my parents have seen me at midnight, realising I need a new book to read, and spending half an hour searching for 'just the right book'. They'll get infuriated because I should go to bed, with school the next day, and i#ll refuse any offers from them, because it just isn't right! Such a true true thing!

Anyway, i'm in the library now, because it's much cheaper internet (didn't have a clue how it worked, and they've got new computers here now) and because my usual internet cafe seems to be closed... Not entirely sure why, could read the sign on the door, but won't! This keyboard however is incredibly loud, and I'm worried about distracting the girl next to me, she seems to be reading something very deep and meaningful (prolly harry potter fanfic or something.. Wow, just glanced at her screen, and it is fanfic, dunno what though). But will prolly come here now, because it is so much cheaper ($1.60 per hour)...

Went to the theatre on Thursday. Medea von Grillparzer, with my German class. Was all in 19th Century German, but I pretty much understood it all I think, got the story at least, although not all the details. The set was very cool, although a little hard to describe, and I found myself going into drama reveiw mode 'which 2 actors will I write about?' 'what's the lighting like' etc etc.... i must say I enjoyed the theatrics more than the play, partially because I didn't have to concentrate as hard... Unfortunaltey there were heaps of students there, was a public performance though, and heaps just tlkaed through the whole thing, which I felt awful about. One of the actors came forward at the end and told everyone off, which i wanted to stand up and clap and cheer about, but didn't think was appropriate. Such behaviour during plays however always makes me edgy, I want the play to be over with so the people will stop talking and disturbin the actors. Weird I know... Anyway, I enjoyed ma night out at the theatre, and now I'm looking forward to getting KultureVulture again next year!

Thursday nigth was the EMAs... The MTV European Music Awards, which I watched a bit of the next day (getting a bit worried about my new found interest in music... Not overtaken my movie interest yet, but....) Were rather specky, lots of people (in Lisabon...!!) and hyper active musicians (the COldplay guy rang someone on a mobile an audience member was using to film the show, robbie williams went crowd surfing, althoug that was possibly just because he really couldn't sing.. and lots of other general hyperactivity). Was disappointed Rammstein got hte best German band award (not surprising, but still disappointing!)... I was going for Fettes Brot or Silbermond...

Has anyone ever used the phrase 'i shlepped to school'? Apparently it's areal English word, from the German Schleppen, to go somewhere reluctantly (as far as I could tell), but i#ve never heard of it... Maybe the English teacher was just testing me... But he says he read it in a book...

My parents tell me ther was great wind drama at home... Now power at our house for 2 days, after the power lines got ripped out of the side of the house.. Again... Sounds impressive... Don't really get anything like that here.... Hope everyone's alright though, no massive damage or anything...

I have two more things written on my hand, no idea what though... Make that one, one is the book hunt thing...

imo K back in Tassie... Hope all's good and sounds like you really had a great time!

I must be off, have to look up a bit of information...!!

Do people actually want the quiz answers? Has anyone done it? i#ll only give them if people want them!

Thursday, 3 November 2005

Look, there's another new post under this one too!

Well, there’s a list of hints for surviving in Austria, most are kinda obvious, a few I wish someone had told me, but tey didn’t, and I’ve survived!

Autumn… Herbst…. Lots of balding trees, lots of leaves on the ground, not many evergreens around… The weather is weird though. It’s always coolish now, that’s ok, but the sky seems to have two options, the blue sky sunny day option, or the misty option. And when I say mist, I mean stuff that just hangs around for days and days, been the same since Sunday! I just wish it would properly rain and get it out of the system! I do like cold weather though, will be weird having a cold birthday I think! (not that it’s ever really been that warm, but you know what I mean!). There are heaps of stalls in the main street in LInz selling chestnuts an almonds and other nuts, they smell really good, but whenever I go past, I’m always only about ½ hour away from eating…. Will buy some sometime though!

Went to the ARS Electronica Center today. Very interesting place! Went on a tour (my ticket said I was to go on one, so I think everyone has to…!!) which was good, otherwise I wouldn’t have appreciated it properly, and even though it was all in Austrian, I pretty much understood everything (except when I started to think, hey I understand). Unfortunately there were HEAPS of people there, and I was all by myself (my class has a big maths test tomorrow, so everyone studying!) so I probably didn’t get as much out of it as I could have…! May go back in a few weeks! It’s the so called ‘Museum of the Future’ with lots of 3D stuff, and computer animation and all that. There was a room with spiffy 3D stuff (not just the normal red and green glasses, but high tech ones) which very cool – went on a tour of the Ideal City there… Also a fliying machine, where the user hangs in the air and ‘flies’ over Linz, wanted to have a go, but there were about 150 people (ok, maybe only 8) waiting, and I was getting hungry! But anyone who visits LInz will have to go there! Lots of completely useless stuff, but some cool stuff too!

Ummm… That’s about all my news, really not very interesting… Saw Minority Report on Sunday, interesting film, not bad, although not the best I’ve seen… Interesting idea though, of stopping the murder before the murderer commits it…. Read A Clockwork Orange yesterday, I liked it, although thought it could have ended about a chapter earlier. Good book though! Reading a Ian Rankin in German now, actually relatively easy, surprisingly!

Yesterday was All Saint’s Day, so the family got to go off and do family stuff at the cemetery. I was given the option of going along, but sitting in the car because only relatives are allowed in the cemetery, or staying home. Guess what I chose! Would have liked to have gone along and seen what happens, but wasn’t much point really, although I think there was also a big family get together or something, because they weren’t back until the evening, having left in the morning… I don’t know, but there didn’t seem to be any problem with me opting to stay home – my host mother suggested it as the more preferable option. So I had a nice day home alone!

Now that’s really all… It’S almost pitch black outside, and it’s only 5pm… The mist contributes, but the sun goes down at about 4:30pm….

Exchange Trip Hints! Especially for Austria!

Hey Kath, here are some hints for Jessie.... Yes, that's true I probably do know who you mean, but do you know how many Sam's there were in my grade (because I don't....!!!) Nah, I think I do know! Where abouts is she off too? When? Exchange? I want to know it all!

  1. Eat first, ask questions later (Just Eat It!)
  2. Try Mozart Kugel (mmmmm!)
  3. Pack an English dictionary – you’ll always need it for those weird words they ask you to define in English classes
  4. Visit Schönbrunn Tiergarten in Vienna
  5. Get an International Student Identity Card.
  6. Take A video with a few episodes of a favourite tv shows:(a) for when you just need some tv in English(b) for your new friends, so they can see familiar shows with the real voices (Simpsons for example) and practise their English
  7. Read a mixture of English and German books and newspapers. (Best available English newspaper, The Guardian International Edition)
  8. Join the lending library for those books (don’t buy too many!!)
  9. Take any opportunity given, and always ask more more!
  10. Don’t talk to loudly about Kommissar Rex (Saturday nights, 7:30 SAT1)
  11. Breathe in the culture (but not the smog! Just joking! Isn’t that bad!)
  12. Talk to everyone, just for practise!
  13. Don’t dwell on speaking mistakes.
  14. When in Austria, do as the Austrians do (but don’t smoke! You’ll stop noticing how many smokers there are after a while too)
  15. Be on your most helpful behaviour, especially with your host family. Useful phrases:
    Kann ich helfen?
    Kann ich etwas tun?
    Soll ich das machen?
  16. Have a few yummy recipes – cook your way into their hearts!
  17. When in doubt, give a shout! Ask for help! If you don’t understand something, nodding, smiling and pretending you do will only backfire! (Just trust me on that point!)
  18. Learn how to day dream and look attentive – there will always be times when you just have to sit and listen, especially at the beginning, and maybe not really have a clue about what’s going on!
  19. There will be at least one time you feel it’s all bee a big mistake and you should just go home immediately. Hang in there, wait a week or two and you’ll be fine again! Distract yourself (I found cooking helps!), DON’T ring home. Set small targets and don’t look at the big picture – just to the end of the week or month. Remember that millions of people have done exchanges or moved to other countries, and have survived!
  20. Budget your money, but don’t avoid having fun because goes over your budget. You’ll only have this chance once and being a scrooge won’t make it memorable (well it might, but not in a good way!) Don’t forget that €1 doesn’t equal $1!
  21. Don’t be afraid to talk to your local representative about any problems you’re having, no matter how small they’ll seem. Otherwise your parents will do it for you, which just makes you feel silly…!!!
  22. Be prepared to hear this a lot:
    ‘Australien… Gibt’s bei euch Kangarus?’
  23. Everyone will tell you two things, one’s obvious, the other you’ll laugh about, but both are true:
    Have FUN!
    It’s not wrong, just different!

Saturday, 29 October 2005

Hey Fel's sister is on the uni website!!

That was mildly freaky (not in a bad way, just rather unexpected!). Mum tells me I've received a big parcel of stuff from the uni, so I have to actually start thinking about my subjects for next year...!!

GO AND SEE WALLACE AND GROMIT! I don’t know if it’s still on in Tassie, but if it is, go and see it! It’s SOOOOO funny!!! Went and saw it on Tuesday night, with Maria, in English, with French and German subtitles! Has some hilariously funny touches (many of which I think I was the only person in the theatre to understand… Loud laughing by me, followed by ‘oops, self-concious, was that really that loud’ mouth cover up!

Read The English Patient last week, must say I was incredibly disappointed, found it really boring... Couldn't wait to finish it, which is never a good sign, because it was a please, i just want to be rid of this book kind of couldn't wait! Also read the Great Gatsby, alright, although not brilliant. Kind of intersting, but once again, i was a little disappointed... Serves me right for choosing books I've heard so many great thingy about I guess!

Read The LIon, the Witch and the Wardrobe in German this week... Was interesting, I got different impressions reading it in German - some scenes I've always imagined as one way, I saw as another way thi time... Hmmm!!

Holidays! Holidays! Hooray Hooray! Until Wednesday!

Hey Tasmania got onto the news here, with the whale strandings! There was footage and everything! Very exciting!! On the German CNN partner (N-TV) and on one 2 minute news break on a normal station!

Was watching MTV yesterday, in the 20 minute break between Dwasn’s Creek and The SImpsons, was watching this amazingly stupid show, Date My Mom. Basically a guy has to choose between 3 girls by going on a date with each of their mothers. Bibi and I think there should be a Date My Dad for the girls, and maybe even a Date My Parents, or Date My Pet, but anyway. Yesterday’s guy has lived in Australia (wow, his Aussie impersonations were terrible, the worst I think I’ve heard) and when he heard one of the girls was going to Australia for something, he did the whole Aussie Aussie Aussie thing, followed by the Oi Oi Oi, himself, because the mother had NO idea what was going on. They then did one of those soliloquy type of comment things by the mother, who said ‘I have no idea what he’s talking about right now.’ Was rather funny, but really, why doesn’t she know the third Aussie national anthem (after Jolly Swagman and that one about rejoicing Australians)…. Hmmm!!! Not as funny as his accent and kookaburra impersonations though….

Anyway(s, as my English teacher would say, agh!) GO AND SEE WALLACE AND GROMIT!

Quiz answers coming soon, but they’re downstairs and I’m not….

Change to Winter Time this weekend, so we’ll be 10 hours behind you guys again!

Saturday, 22 October 2005

Bought a downie!

Teehee! They do good quality cheap winter clothing here well... (funnily enough!), so in my hunt for a winter jacket/coat, I found a downie, for about $Aus60. Is brown, not my first choice, but the only one in my size (is very popular, you should have seen how many were hanging on the 'on hold' rack!). Comes down just past my bum, has a detachable (zip) hood, and I thought, well it's not exactly the dressy coat i was hoping to find, but is perfectly in my price range, is a downie (note, I do actually already have one here, from my sister, but since she'll want that back, and i feel like a big grey elephant wearing it (warm, but BIG and grey!!) I thought this one, smaller (shorter sleeves! I can see my fingers!) was perfect! Very exciting! i'm sure all you outdoorsy types will sneer at such an obviously 'inferior' downie, but watch out, the wind might change and your face will stay that way!

Working out sending stuff home at the moment, I have well over the 20kg I'm allowed on the plane, so have tos end stuff. My host father is currently (well, next week is going to) looking into a possibly cheaper way that he knows (I have no idea, but he said is company uses it, I think, and he's pretty sure it'd be cheaper!), so that'd be nice! It's amazting how much stuff you can accumalate in 10 months! I currently have 2 daunting returning home areas,
1. looking at my bedroom, trying to work out what stays, what goes, etc etc (and also, when I should start packing... I think I need to post stuff first, but maybe I need to pack first...! I can't pack though, I need everything still! And that would seem horribly eager to be leaving!!) ) Also wondering what to do with my school work! Seems a terrible waste if I just throw out everything I've done this year, but can't take it home... WIll have to ask Magdalena about that one I think!
2. Looking at my to do list (or to buy)... I feel so good now that's I've crossed off a couple of items, but there's still a lot to do! And I have no idea what to buy for a few people (family members, not friends - no pressies for you really! Sorry, but there will be edibles...!) EEEK!

Well, still on the hunt for my count down clock!

Holidays (for a week) next wednesday! Hooray (they have a 'nationalfeiertag' - national day of celebrating being Austria!)

Yep, Erica, my relief religion teacher was called Devil... Now that, I thought, was rather funny!

And hooray, you commented!

Ok, train soon (now I'm procrastinating against searching for pressies!)

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Hmmm, German.... (since edited!)

Well 'm sitting in German at the moment, the rest of the class is searching for information for their 'Spezialgebietes' - like the portoflios we have to do for exams and stuff... i'm on a good computer for once (good maybe exaggeration, but it works, accepts all the addresses I want to visit, so ok! The keyboard is really horrible though!) and i thought i should correct a couple of things in my last blog... The police here wearr grey, not green, but it's still completely militaristic! I was actually looking a group of different police type people when I wrote the note for that comment, and it got through my rather weak mistake sensor!

Love the quiz answers whoever that was... Kate or Susan are my two guesses, although the lack of Red Dwarf knowledge (unless it's my faulty brain going again) suggests Kate... I don't know...!!

i've since been informed that the ultrasound actually shows the two stomachs, not the two heads... Hmmmm... I'm not at all convinced, but the nurse with the maternal ultrasound decipheracation certificate said so, so it must be true!

Ok, my mother tells me my sister looked forward to returning to our toilet when she was on exchange in Denmark (whether or not this is true, I don't know) and continuing with the bathroom theme, i'm looking forward to own sink and shower, which actually DRAIN! Is really wrong - all the sinks here drain SOOOOO slowly, so the one in my bathroom (which is, I might add, only 1.5 metres wide, more an ensuite!) seems to have a permanent blue toothpaste scum rim (I'm not joking) and my shower has an icky old shampoo slippery patch...

Edit: cleaned my bathroom yesterday, but the vacuum cleaner is kaputt, so had to use dustpan and broom for all my hair (why do I always seriously moult in autumn....?) which was a wrong, because I forgot about the spot where I'd spilled water, and then dust hair and water combined to make this really rather disgusting mix in the dustpan... Blergh!!

Today, we had a rather appropriately named teacher for religion (although here, when it's a relief teacher, they just sit there and we all do what we like - the teacher doesn't leave work to be done or anything...) Who can tell me why I found the fact that our relief teacher was called Teufel really funny????

I'm getting suspicious of my friends here, lots of note passing, and 'don't let Imo see it' s (although half the time i have to pass the note and that message....!!) Bit worrying... i'm sure they're organising something lovely to celebrate my leaving them alone, but still....!!

Save the Last Dance on tv tomorrow, will try to tape it....

REading a very interesting book at the moment, Memoirs of a Geisha, is fiction, but seems very well researched. The author has written it in an interesting way, promoting it as non-fiction, with a 'note from the translator' at the beginning, about how he once sdaw this Geisha in Japan, when he'd just moved from the Netherlands, and how he then years later became friends, blah blah blah! At the end how ever is an Author's Note, saying it's all fiction... (haven'T actually read more than the first line of the author's note, but suspect there is more truth than he lets on in the story) Is fascinating though, a girl taken from her nearly dead mother (cancer) and elderly father, when she's 9 (her sister (16ish) is also taken but she barely features). SHe's taken to be trained as a Geisha, and has this amazing eyes, which make her stand ou from everyone else. Has a hard time, doesn't want to be a Geisha, trys running away, big mistake, but then nice things happen (well, she's used to get at someone else, but it's to her own advantage!!) I'm only about half way through, so I'm hoping it doesn't have a really weak ending, as such books often do!!

Ok, must be off!! See you all in about 48 days! (wow, that's so close!! Boohoo wahoo!)

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Daniel Craig

Dunno what I think abou that choice... After all he was in Tomb Raider.... But could be ok, alhtough no one can beat Sean COnnery...


1. What ingredient in Panteen Shampoo gives it it’s name?
2. A lot of people here wear what on their feet?
3. Mauthausen was what in WW2
4. From which book (and tv series) comes the quote: From this day you must be a stranger to one of your parents – your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr Collins, and I will never see you again if you do.
5. What is Spongebob Squarepant’s German name?
6. Complete this quote: In my day, television…
7. What is the common name of dihydroxide?
8. What do statt, stadt and staat mean?
9. What’s the name of the Austrian Bundespräsident?
10. How many states does Austria have?
11. Was Austria divided by the allied forces after WW2?
12. Where is Österreich?
13. What is mined in Halbstadt?
14. Is Princess Mary’s baby a boy or a girl
15. Which famous composer was born in Salzburg?
16. Who is Austria’s (current) biggest singer?
17. In which film about dancing is there a character named Baby?
18. What course does Imogen go into next year at Uni?
19. From which film comes this quote: We brake for no one.?
20. Austria was originally settled by who?
21. Who is playing Elizabeth in the new Pride and Prejudice film?
22. Übung macht der…
23. What is the romantic meal between Lady and the Tramp, in that film?
24. What are Rimmer and Lister fixing before the accident on Red Dwarf?
25. Who was Boris Karloff?
26. What is the currency of Sri Lanka?
27. What time does Imogen start school in the morning?
28. Is Terry Pratchett available in German?
29. McDonald’s is how old this year?
30. From which tv series comes the quote: We do anything, anytime.
31. What does James Bond drink in the books?
32. Beyonce Knowles’ boyfriend is which rapper?
33. Which actor, as James Bond, said: Excuse me, I was out walking my rat, and I seem to have lost my way.?
34. To whom is Katie Holmes (maybe/apparently) getting married?
35. The new James Bond actor is….
36. What is the chemical formula for sulphuric acid?
37. Bridget is now where?
38. Currer Bell was who?
39. What is the population of Austria?
40. Which traits were added to Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein’s monster (respectively) for their screen incarnations?
41. Which country has been the first EU country to have the Bird Flu in the latest outbreak?
42. In Ancient Greece, the cutter of the naval cord had what name?
43. Does the spell checker know my name?
44. What is the first ‘shocking’ treatment Mac receives in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?
45. In My Big Fat Greek Wedding there is a (perceived) problem with a cake, what is it?
46. Who won the recent German election?

And the New James Bond is.....

While in Australia, the slightly ‘more individual’ people carry beer cans, here they carry Red Bull. It seems to be the drink of the moment (was actually invented here, I’ve seen the house of the inventor, who is now stinking rich), and can always be seen carried by the people who’ve just had a Friday or Saturday all nighter in Altstadt. Maybe it’s like a status symbol or something, but kinda strange to watch all these punk-tartan-pant-wearing-mowhawked-young-people swigging from their Red Bull…

I think I have a Swiss German accent. Three times now I’ve been asked if I come from Switzerland by the people doing surveys on the streets. Conversation usually (thought I’d write in dialect, just for the novelty factor! Isn’t strictly correct dialect, but the best I can do!):
Them: Hallo, kon i bitte füe an koz moment dein Attention hob’n…? (hi, can I have your attention for a moment)
Me: Tu’ mia layd, i kom (or wir kom’n, when I’m with other people) nit aus Österreich. (Sorry, I/we don’t come from Austria)
Them: Oh, da Schweiz? (Oh, Switzerland)
Me: Nah, Australien… (no, Australia)
This then either turns into a discussion about the Australian girlfriend their brother has, why I am here and whether I like it, or simply, enjoy your stay have a nice day bye bye… Works nicely! But I’m intiguied about the accent thing… Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, they do think of a German speaking country at least, but that could just be because they don’t immediately think of German being a second language… I just nod smile an correct and run….!!

Freaky when I got up this morning… My bedroom was lit by moonlight… I have two sets of curtains in my room, the thin, lacy curtain ones and the thicker block out the light ones. I only use the first, usually, and on Sunday morning I was woken up because I turned over and the moon was shining right in my eyes. I thought this was at about 3am, but when this morning I woke up at 6:10am and the moon was beaming happily into my room, I revised my opinion… Walked to the train, 40 minutes later (yep, I still do my up in half an hour, including lunch making thing here!), by moonlight… Weird! I think the time goes to the hour earlier one soon though…

Police here have such militaristic uniforms! They have their trousers tucked into socks and boots, everything very green and ready for commando crawls looking! I’m worried about the trousers into socks fashion, is starting to set it… Hopefully just lots of people forgotten to untuck after bike riding….

Hey, best news! I’m going to be an Aunty again (don’t know if you already knew that or not, but there you go!) and of TWINS!!!! Oh lala! Identical twins! My mother tells me it’s one of those completely random and freaky non-genetic, one in three gazillion types of things…How exciting! I always wanted a twin sibling, but twin niece/nephews (not known) is almost as good! So HOORAY MICHAELA AND JIM!!!! Oh and I think they’re due in March, but I could be mistaken, maybe it’s earlier…. But I reckon prayer there, that everything goes well and healthily would be fantastic! Mum sent me a pic of the ultrasounds (20 weeks, you do the maths for due date!) and there are obviously two heads in one (my first thgout there was just Tassie genetics, but hey Michaela is first generation…!!! Sorry…! Had to say it….!) and a hand in another, but everything looks kinda blobby otherwise (I know Michaela, I’m talking about your insides here, but it’S true… Must be some special maternal degree to be abel to recognise things in ultrasounds!) Still VERY exciting, and amazing! Btw, CONGRATULATIONS Rosie and Keith on little Amelie! (Amelia? Sorry…!) Hooray!

Caleb, good luck with the house moving... The end of a era... No more bus rides, lift stinge-ing (maybe I'll actually have to get my licence now!) etc etc...

Hey, the biggest train museum i nthe world (or at least Germany) burnt down last night, I saw some footage on the tv. It was so.. surreal.. to see this burning building, and the outlines of trains through the flames... Peculiar, not sure why, but was a very strange thing to see. It was in Nürnberg, btw!

Hmm, new quiz for you, I hope it’s new, I wrote it so long ago that I can’t remember if I’ve already given it to you!! But will check…!

Friday, 14 October 2005

Why is it that the mention of lice is enough to make the scalp itchy?

There's an outbreak of lice inteh school at the moment, wahoo... Have no idea how it started, except that it was in the class of a couple of girls who come and spend every break in our room.... But everyone started feeling itchy as soon as it was announced that teh annual outbreak had arrived!! Horrible feeling!

Finished watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, must say I enjoyed it, in an 'I'm so glad it isn't like that anymore (hopefully no more lobotomies)' way! We're about to look at The CUrious INcident of the Dog in the Nghttime too!

REad Sherlock Holmes last week, this week Father Brown (G.K. Chesterton), which is really funny! This little priest just keeps on popping up all over the place and solving mysteries very quietly and inconspiculously!

Trying to find a countdown clock at teh moment for all you exctied bunnies, so you can see how long until I leave here! I dad that stupid thing of deleting my old one entirely, so now have to hunt it down again!!

And I had so much to talk about this time, but completely run out of time, as usual, so have to stop there for the moment, will prolly be back some time next week with something for all you busy uni people to use fror procrastination! Maybe a new quiz or soemthing... Alhtough what you could do at the moment is look for a simple javascript countdown timer for me!

Saturday, 8 October 2005


I'll be back...

2 months today... 61 days... That's nothing... i'll be getting to Hobart on the 8th of December, sometime in the evening.. I have tried everything I can think of to get a later flight, have asked to fly to Melbourne (nothing between the 5th and the 30th), have asked if I can change Economy classes, even asked how much it costs to upgrade to business (hey, getting desperate! Don't ask by the way, I nearly had a heart attack!), but nothing! So I shall be seeing everyone sometime around thenish...

Got a ball dress, borrowing one fro Simone in my class.. Not exactly what I would have chosne had I been shopping, but it isn't bad!

Had a nice observation for everyone, but can't remember it now! WIll tell you sometime, I'm sure!

Watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo'S Nest in English (the extra class), I'm really enjoying it, is funny to see a young Christopher Lloyd (would pick those ears anywhere) and Danny deVito I see from IMDb is also there, somewhere... He's not as distiguishable as Lloyd though... Is interesting, reminds me of 1984 in some ways, not really sure why, although if it ends in the way I currently see it going (he's just been 'treated' after the boat escapade) then there are similar themes - outsider fighting the system, gets entrapped and put into the system (sounds like an old plot, is, but in these two cases it's much more comlicated, and I don't want to give away too much!)... Of course I could be complteley wrong! Will find out on Wednesday! We're looking at Mental Illness in that English, and in normal at Cosmetic surgery... Interesting juxtapostion (is that the right word? Is so long I always forget exactly what it means, excpet that its the placing to two unrelated things next to each other in a way they become connected... or something, that was Tammy in drama...!)

Btw, Mum tells me someone at the Student Excahnge office reads my blog! uh-oh! Nah, not really! Hello!!! Glad you read it! IS that why i don't have to fill out quarterly reports like I was told i would HAVE to...? Hmm... Anyway!

So, starting to get things organised now, amking (by hand) business cards, with all my Aussie details, for all those people who have promised to send me panicked 'help me with my english for th exams' emails, letters, phone calls and sms'!! Trying to work out my budget, so I can buy lots of pressies for everyone and all that (nah, that's too complicated, be happy with chocolate or soemthing, that's what i'll prolly end u getting for unrelated people!) Have to send home clothes soon... Ohhh! And write a list for mum to go host family pressie shoppping! So much to do... Getting my visa on tuesday... Teehee... I think that's very funny, that I get it NOW! Finally finished with the holidays and everything (the 'Bezirkshauptmannschaft' people that is!)

Well anyway, this was actually just to tell you when i'd be home (considered not doing it, arrive as a nice surprise and all that, but I'm terrible at that kind of secret, will forget who you like in a minute, but this kind... nah!) Hey, when's the dancing concert this year? Will I be back in time? If yes, I'm coming....!!

Sunday, 2 October 2005

Laws of Attraction

Just discovered I have the most useful contact in the world in Dina here! Her father owns a restaurant at one of the cinemas here, so not only does that mean free before and after movie refreshments, it also means free tickets to the film.... Just saw Laws of Attraction (Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore), and i was pleasantly surprised. Was actually not too bad, and rather funny at times. I've never been sure of comments that say 'the actor Blah saved this film', I mean, maybe it was having that actor that made it seem to need saving - maybe they were jsut so good they outshone the rest, and i do have another argument, but I can't quite think about how to word it, is all in images in my head at the moment, (occasionally my mind does that...!), something about the script being already written, and the actors just having to act it out, so really the script needs to be good for the film to be saved - it isn't just on the facial expressions that a film is made... If I think up a brilliant way to explain, I will.... In 3 years! Anyway, that was said about this film, and it's the kind of film that made me wonder about the logic of the phrase... Well yes...!!! Umm the film... About two divorce attorneys, originally fighting against each other. Moore is super organised and has never lost a case (or something close) and Brosnan is chaotic, always late, and has also never lost a case. They get drunk together one night, sleep together (of course) and everything goes from there... She still 'hates' him, but then they are fighting against each other again in a celebrity divorce, have to travel to Ireland to see a castle, get married when drunk, and decide they have to pretend to be happily married... Blah blah blah! Predictable, but funny if you're in the mood for such a film!!

Well now waiting for my train! On Saturday nights there are no trains between 7:30pm and 11:00pm so I have to wait for another hour or so... That'S why I'm in this expensiver cafe, jsut time wasting, but have to go anyway! Dina is going to write something in English for you all to enjoy, but she'S going to email it to me, so you'll all get it later!

Gotta go now! Btw, lots of good looking films coming here soon!

Friday, 30 September 2005

Pray your little socks off please!

At the moment I'm booked to fly home on the 7th of December. I don'T want to come home so early, and it disruptes plans for my brother to visit me here. i'm on waiting lists for the 20th, 21st and 22nd, so please people, if you could just pray that a place will be found for me on one of those days, that would be fantastic! No anti-praying just because you want to see me again... I'm sure t could be all in the plan for me to come home earlier, but I DOAN WANNA!

Thanks! and enjoy the rest of our program...

Thursday, 29 September 2005

i've written a poem!

And you can too! Here's a lovely procrastination thing for all you bored bunnies! We had to do this in Englisch WPK (Wahl Pflicht Klasse - our elective) and I thought you'D all love to read it! Please note, I used some poetic licence, so most things are not the MOST something, or I've just plain made it up or written the first thing that came to my mind, but take it to Shani, and i'm sure she'll tell you I'm a confused person with an affinity for kangaroos... Whereas an English teacher will probably decide I am questioning my place in life, using past memories as clues as to where i'll be going. A maths teacher I suspect would just see I was jsut wasting time in German arranging everything... BTW, most embarrasing/stupidest thing ever done, yes is a true story, if the victim remembers it, sorry bout that one, if not, don't try! Here goes!

Three aqua coloured cats swim in a pink bath
Bashing at a piano keyboard above my head
A kangaroo because they jump so much and so far
A kangaroo because they jump so much and so dar
Asking someone if he returned his girlfriend 'to the shop, like a toaster' because she 'just wasn't right'
A kangaroo because they jump so much and so far
Kayaks, home, books, chocolate, hugs
Asking someone if he returned his girlfriend 'to the shop, like a toaster' because she 'just wasn't right'
Huon River because I've had so many good times and made such good friends there:
  1. Kayaks
  2. chocolate
  3. hugs
  4. books
  5. home

I wish I knew where I was going here!
Huon River because I've had so many good times and made such good friends there
Three aqua coloured cats swim in a pink bath
I wish I knew where I'm going here!

So there you go, my artistic masterpiece! Now here's how you can write one too! Call in the next 10 minutes and pay with credit card and get a FREE set of Steak Knives! That's right, so pick up that phone, our operators are waiting... It's actually not at all hard to do, despite the many instructions - they're telling you exactly what to write!!

  1. take a blank piece of paper
  2. write the letters A - H down one side, leaving a couple of lines between each
  3. follow the sub instructions.


  1. A - should include 2 colours and the first and last word must be of one syllable (must not start with A, these are just reference points)
  2. connect part B5 with A3 and attach with screw 45x... Sorry... skip this one!
  3. B - your first memory, in as few words as possible
  4. C - the first question you remember asking that your parents couldn't answer
  5. D - the animal you would choose to give your conciousness to, and why
  6. E - most embarrassing memory/ stupidest thing ever done
  7. F - 5 favourite nouns
  8. G - Favourite place and why
  9. H - 'I wish_________'. No more than nine words
  10. See sub-sub instructions

Sub-Sub Instructions:

  1. ORganise sentences like this (doesn't have to be in verses, that's just to make it easier to follow the letters now!):
  2. Read through, adjust in anyway that makes it better and post it in my comments...!! Or just keep it to yourself!

Ok, well, my train isn't such a long time away now, so i'll be off, have to go and have a quick look for cheapish autumny water-proof shoes (only have my boots, and they're not good everyday - my feet hurt at the moment from standing for half the day in them, which is partly why i'm posting for the 2nd time in 2 days - good chance to sit down!)

I was invited to donate blood here!

Teehee! I got a letter from the Gemeinde (local council I guess would be the best translation) telling me all about a blood drive that was on last week, and how they'd love me to donate blood... Of course I don'T really want to leave traceable evidence of me ever being here, so I declined, but it was exciting! Actually, no I do want to donate blood, but would prefer to do it in Australia, as well as it said 'can'T have had contact with hepatitis in the last 12 months' and i was given my latest hep something shot in january, so I thought that might count against me... I feel special!

Well, I rang erica for her birthday, just after writing my last blog, and remembered lots of things I wanted to write here, but have forgotten them again (my memory has gone down hill since I've been cramming it so full of german!)...

So, currently sick, with a mild cold (although they all think I'm going to die or something here, because my nose is doing it's usual niagara falls thing) but have discovered asprin does a ver nice nose drying job, which meas I don't have to venture into the scary world of the apotheke for drugs...!! Did you know that here they don't sell ANY drugs in the supermarket or anywhere! Not ever asprin or anything, have to go for EVERYTHING to the Apotheke! Anyway, back to my cold. They have a really funny attitude to getting cold here, refuse to go outside even in summer just after hair washing in case they get cold (I've been forced to promise I won'T ever go outside again with wet hair - they think that me being outside for about 15 seconds on saturday with damp hair when it was about 12°C is responsible, I know it'S just the cold I expected to get from being back at school! Apparently the 12°C here is different to the 12° in Australia) Then last night when I said I had to wash my hair beofre I went to bed (I refuse to hair dryer my hair!) I was told I shouln't, just in case my head got a little cold from it... Argh! Never had a problem before, and i've been washing my hair in the morning before school in winter before waiting for the bus in almost frozen conditions for years! But just for the peace, I comply! What was funny that I then read in the paper this morning a quote from some Austrian kayaker at some competition in Sydney saying how she 'couldn't understand Australians because tehy wear shorts even when it's only 10°C or less'... I thought that was nicely ironic (maybe nt ironic, I've never been quite sure of what is and isn't irony, but you get the idea!)

Going to the movies on Saturday night, with Dina, who's parents own a restaurant at the cinema, so hopefully nicely priced tickets for us! Everyone else is going to a concert, but i'm not that keen, partly because it'll be so smoky and horrible for my niagara falls nose, partly because I don't really like the style of music (it's a group of bands, with guys from our class) and a few other reasons... Dina didn't want to go at all, so I said, hey, lets go do something different then! Dunno what we'll see, I'd like to see a film Die Weisse Massai (no idea what it's called in English, The White Massai?) about a white lady who goes to Africa, falls in love with an African warrior or something but then lots of issues etc etc... Is from a true story, and actually looks very intersting, was at the Toronto Film Festival, and I think a few others... Click here and read all about it!

WEll I think that's all snotty little me can remember for you at the moment... Must go, Dawson's Creek is about to start....!!

Monday, 26 September 2005

After 15 years of friendship, she turns 19...

...That right, today is Erica's birthday! (well, yesterday or a few days ago for most of you probably, but it's the middle of the day here...!) We've known each other for almost 15 years, which is a bit scary really, although I've known others longer! What'S scary is we've been to school together through ALL that, and still somehow managed to stay friends....! so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERICA!

Anyway, back to the mundane world of Linz! I went to the uni open day on friday, which was scarily similar to tas unis! Everything even looked similar, although fewer gum trees.... I went along because it was far more interesting than sitting in school for a day, with only about 5 other people from my class! I was also interested to see what another uni looked like! I collectexd so much paper, as usual, and also about 5 pens... Will never have to buy one again I think! Now have pens with German writing all over them! The excitement!

Yesterday was a Kinder Flohmarkt, in the town square of where I live. That is a Flea Market, where lots of children sell all their old toys and games and stuff! Not where you can buy children... (I thought slavery was abolished here, but wasn'T entirely sure....!!!) I was going to buy the Lion King on video, in German, but someone else got in first! Bought Wo die wilden Kerle Wohnen instead... (where the wild things are... who knows this book? I love it)

I thought this was going to be a really long post, but now I can't actually think of any of the things I was going to say, or I've run out... Umm... HAve to find a Ball Dress, eeek! I've never been formal dress shopping before, but this time it's really hard because I want to spend as little money as possible... LAthough I could just buy an expensive one and sell it (apparently there's always a good market for old ball dresses...)... But it's kinda fun, in an Eeeeik! I look like a potato kinda way....!

Meredith, glad you enjoyed America, although mum tells me your return home was a little confused! JOno congrats on confirmation! Bridget, have fun in Mexico (do you gho this week?) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL THOSE PEOPLE WITH BIRTHDAYS! I could list them for you, but that would take about half a year... There are a billion odd people out there...!

Have to help Dina find a good Bill Bryson book (naturally i'll guide her towards Down Under) for her English study! Then in a few hours I've got p.e.... wahoo! Hopfully we'll play a game... And i'm not getting the back to school cold... The rest of my class may have it, but I refuse, and I know my sore throat is just a result of talkign to my parents for too long yesterday... wink wink...! Tschüssie!

Friday, 23 September 2005

Robbie Williams sings falsetto

I don'T actually know what categories a voice needs to fit to e singing falsetto, but Robbie Williams seems to be doing pretty well in his new song that's HAUNTING ME! It's following me, whenever I turn on the radio, what do I hear, but him singin ridiculously high... Don't get me wrong, despite his slightly dubious personality, i've always thought he's gt a fairly good voice for a famous person, but this song (what's it called, Spin?) is following me... It actually reminds me of some of our After Juliet music for some reason, which is a bit scary, because that was all 80's music.... I don't know if te song is as big there as here, but since almost all the websites are teeny boppy, I can't avoid it (Hanson'S MM Bop is also getting a little too much air time....) OK, over it, but thought you should know!

Well I’ve had one week now, of school that is, and this time classes are shaping up to be far more enjoyable than last semester. I actually understand far more now, which is a fantastic feeling, and I feel much more comfortable in the class (not that I didn’t before, just that now because I can speak far more, it’s easier to join in with everything!) Today I ‘understood’ maths, I have no idea how to do the maths, but that’s because it was all the silly graphing functions with vectors and high and low points and comfusing stuff that I don’t understand without a graphics calculator in English! Where am I going to need it anyway!! This is probably going to sound really silly to all you people who’ve never been in a foreign speaking school before, but I’ve never before appreciated being actually able to work in class! The timetable for this week is not permanent, is just for this week, but today I had English (where I had to concentrate to talk in English – when I started to read out loud, I couldn’t for a bit, wanted to say all the names with a nice German accent! Is a strange feeling to have to concentrate to speak in one’s own native language…), then French (where I just sit and decorate my notebook – I’ve done the equivalent of joining a TCE French class, taught in a foreign language, when I don’T have any French already! I’d like to see you trying to learn something there!), then German, where we just discussed a film we saw last lesson (Wiener Waldgeschichte or something, apparently the girl was the daughter of a Zauberkönig… umm, Wizard King? But I personally didn’t pick that (wasn’t exactly concentrating on the movie spoken in very strong Viennese dialect…) so I just listened and learnt, so next time, part two will make more sense! In maths we did evil things with lots of y = and stuff (they’ve even got different signs for maths here, . is x, , is . and / is ,) so we’ll skip that one! After that was music… where we just listened to lots of snippets of classical music from the romantic period, and had to say what they were (I picked Schubert’s Ave Maria, and Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite… That was a highlight of the day!) Then a break, I went to the library, got out a whole heap of books, in cluding a few ‘must reads’ (reading a lot of them at the moment, the library is stocked up well! Read Hard Times last week, by Dickens, very unDickensish I must say! Enjoyed it though…) I felt insulted in English today (and you know how hard it is to insult me) because the teacher basically said that if we hadn’t read Stevenson’s Treasure Island, then we mustn’t read at all… This is me he was talking to….!!!! Got that out though…

Anyway… Supposed to have had history this afternoon, but the teacher had a meeting, so had to wait around until religion, which was fine… Did ‘know yourself’ test things. I was in a group with the beautiful front row girls, who aren’t actually too bad (I’ve known that pretty much all along, but they’re still the ‘beuatiful ones’ in my mind!) and we just had to cross the box for lots of questions, scaled from good to bad. Was kinda funny – wasn’t entirely sure what all the questions meant, but did my best, and don’t think I offended anyone…!! After that went into Linz, posted (yet another) birthdaypostcard (people stop getting older!), went to the internet café for a bit, read my email, blah blah blah, bought yummy food for afternoon tea (kebap, as in pita bread with meat and salad… Mmmm!) then found I had a message from Kate (yay, but why were you smsing at midnight?) and then got home… And that’S been my day… Fascinating I know!

Yesterday however I had an extra English class! I think it’S the same one as last semester (or last year as they call it here, which is very confusing!), but with a different teacher, who, I think, has an Irish accent! Not certain though, sometimes she sounded totally neutrally British, occasionally American twang, and then there’d be these massive Dr-Sam-Ryan-on-how-Jane-Doe-died moments! She mentioned something about how something’s said in Britain, so I guess she’s spent time there. Seems really nice though, and I love being able to go somewhere where I can help other people (some people CANNOT understand why I’d want to go to an English class, where it’s not going to help me and my German… Please kick me whenever I have moments that are as selfish as that! Actually starting to get fed-up with just how selfish and self-centered some of the people here are, but they say the faults that irritate us the most in others, are our own, so from now on, I’m going to be watching myself so much more closely!)

Well someone did THAT count recently, and we discovered 13 weeks until Christmas… Wow, less than 13 weeks and I’ll be home… that’s 13 Saturday morning sleep ins, 13 episodes of Desperate Housewives (not actually that many left, but anyway), 13 missed Sunday Night Lives… Not much really! Maybe I should stat thinking about pressies and stuff for home… Actually have a lot of stuff to do soon… Can feel it all just piling up, but I have to find a cheap Ball Dress, will go second hand shopping, but they don’t have many second hand shops here… Dunno what I’ll do about shoes… Worry about that when I get there! Will have to definitely get my hair cut though – the water here is tearing it to shreads or something – so split! Will prolly come back with a crew cut or something… Nah, not really! But do want to get something different!

Oh, and my brother is coming to visit me in December, just a couple of weeks before I leave! Hooray! Someone else to load up with stuff to take home for me… No, don’t worry! Not really! But I’m looking forward to that now!

Spirited Away is on tv tomorrow night, will try to tape it, Save the last dance as well, but Bibi wants that one, and the repeat is at 3 in the morning, and it might be a little triky to change tapes for it… Wilt al kto her though, and see! Found where I can buy videos, so will buy a couple as well, want to buy the Incredibles, but a bit expensive, so will stick to Lord of the Rings or something instead… Can’t get too much though…. Stupid baggage weight restrictions…! Don’T actually know what I’m going to do there… Is amazing how muchjunk one collects… and when you’Re like me, and can’t throw anything away….

Ok, bibi needs the computer in a moment, so will post this (there was actually a point, but as usual, I’ve forgotten it! Will start writing all over my hand again soon!) Oh, she’S practising piano, so bi more time, but I think that’s enough blabbering for a while (when I defined blabbering in class today as what I always do, everyone understood, funnily enough!)… Homesickness all gone, hooray! But still looking forward to going home a bit, although I reckon it’ll be a bit tricky to leave all my good friends here… Most have promised to come and visit me, when it’s winter here, so that’s good!

Going to make a recipe book (bought the book, just have to get the recipes) so I can make everyone real apfel strudel and stuff when I get home!

Remembered the point of this blog! Well done on getting this far though! There’s a BIG thing here called Matura Reise, basically a trip after the final (final final) exams, that almost everyone makes. There are a couple of organised ones, for thousands of people, called Summer Splash and Mission 2 Beach, in Turkey, for 1-2 weeks, or people go off to other sunny places for lots of fun… Now why don’T we have such a thing…? But they’re SOO expensive! But everyone is organising already… Is crazy… Is the lack of a year off between school and uni that does it I think – they have to cram a years worth of school break into a couple of weeks (few people take a gap year or anything, so they all presume I’m here as a part of my academic studies.... Pah, if only they knew….!) Anyway… There you go…. I've been trying to persuade them a nice Matura Reise to Australia, for a winter trip would be great, but so far they don'T seem to convinced...

Saturday, 17 September 2005

This should be about school, but moves on to tv fairly quickly...

Nun, wir sind wieder in der Schule… We’re back in school, as of Wednesday, and it’s lovely, fantastic and as much fun as ever…. Hmmm! Actually, it’s really nice to be back, to have other people to talk to, and, wait for it, wait for it, to ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THE TEACHERS ARE SAYING!!! I hadn’t realised how much my German has improved, but now I actually understand what they say, most of the time, although there are still a lot o times that it’s just so boring I can’t bear to listen! But the option is there…. Nah, don’t worry, I do listen as much as possible, but when the rest of the class isn’t listen, it’s kinda hard to! This year we’ve got philosophy instead of psychology, biology (but they di the cutting up a few years ago… sadly…) and pretty much everything else is the same… Still cant understand the English teacher’s English (he asked me SOMETHING about my holidays, not entirely sure what, but that may have also been the chattering ‘beautiful girls’ wall in front of me…!) Speaking of which, hey Claire (or anyone else) what’s the best Beautiful Girls cd (do they have more than one?)… Anyway… Umm, had pe today… blergh, tiring! 20 minutes of laps around the netball courts (well 12 in the end), then situps, push ups and other random strengthening things… I enjoyed it, made me not feel like SUCH a lazy bum, but was tiring… Then played a weird version of baseball, which was weird but kinda fun…

Umumum… Our classroom is at te top of the school, right in the middle, so we have to go up 4 BIG flights of stairs to get it, and the toilets are really far away… Rather funny though, the smokers have to go down the 4 flights, and another little one, to get to the smokers zone, and there are some who like to go out every break (10 minutes between all the classes)… They come back puffing anf panting… I shouldn’t laugh, and I don’t, but I think it… I haven’t got a window seat, which is very sad, instead I’m RIGHT in front of the teacher, but back a row, which is kinda weird… At least now I understand them, and can nod and look interested! It’S funny, the front row beauties don’t know I actually speak German now, well they know it now, but this morning Paulie was asking Bibi how many Ball tickets I need (Ball!!!), and all my friends told her I understand (it’s always nice to hear people saying ‘sie kann foi gut deutsch’ (she can speak really good german)… bit of a ego booster really.. Hmmm..!) Then later, another was telling me I was the ‘lucky’ one to be the team captain, started in English, then the other beauties corrected her… Rather funny! But quite a few people have asked me, or asked my friends, if I understand it now… Was I that bad before… Ja, wahrscheinlich…

I’m so ashamed of myself, now addicted to Dawson’s Creek… HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???? It’s on every afternoon at 5, and Bibi watches it, and I kinda gravitate towards the tv, and now I’m addicted… Will Pacey and Dawson ever be friends again? What’s the story with Jen and the weird Ben Fraser look alike from her old life? Is Jack really gay? I now understand however the quote in 10 Things… It’s such a bad show.. At least I’m not addicted to the Bold and the Beautiful… Although looking forward to Desperate Housewives on Monday (and started watching Lost again, 2nd series, still don’t really like it all that much, but is intriguing!) I don’t actually watch too much tv, prolly more than at home, but there are just so many channels, so much Simpsons, Malcom, Scrubs, terrible MTV reality shows (Date my mum… guy picks girl after going on date with her mum… funny) Then there are also some classic ads as well… One of my favourites is for a bank, for a youth account or something. Lady looking at cloths in shop, pushing pram. Looking at nice men’s shirt, and a long arm reaches out from the pram for a Marilyn Manson t-shirt. Look into pram and there’s a teenager. The mum takes away t-shirt. Next scene, another 16 year old guy sitting in trolley. Pram guy and trolley guy do the 2 finger ‘I know what you’re going through’ wave (like a salute, without the head)… Is very funny… Contradictory is one where there’s lots of rich people campaigning against some big lotto jackpot, man says ‘the rich will never be happy’… The slogan is then ‘you’ll be richer than rich’. Does that make sense to anyone else???? I understand what they’re getting at, but it seems all very contradictory to me!!

Hmm… I’m sure there were other things I wanted to tell you all about, but can’T remember! Dina’S birthday tomorrow, I bought her the Blue Day Book, in German (the shop didn’t have it in stock in English…) so hopefully she’ll like it…

Just worked it out, I’m replacing Blue Heelers with other bad tv!

Guardian has changed it’s format, which I don’T mind, except they seem to have just changed it to put in more ads… Bigger more irritating ads as well! The Guardian is the newspaper I buy here, btw, when I need a dose of English news (please take note, I also ‘read’ the Oberösterreichichen Nachrichten and the Standard, in German (well, read is perhaps a little strong, I look at the pictures, and read the articles that are short and movie related, or other big event, like the hurricane or something!).. .SO it’s a bit disappointing that it’s been changed for such mercenary reasons, but they were saying the new Saturady one will have a cooler review section, so will see before I really make my judgement… There realls is no completely international newspapaer though, which is just sad! Maybe that should be my life’s aim…

Monday, 12 September 2005

Interesting evening

Well, I was bought my first drink by a complete stranger last night, while we were out and about in Altstadt enjoying our last weekend of freedom. It was rather random and alarming, considering the guy (while rather funny and with very good English, part of a strange phenomenon here where guys will try to talk to you in your own language, presuming I guess you don’t speak theirs, or that it’ll impress… I don’t know, usually it’s not all that good anyway, but this guy’s was just about perfect) was a little ‘happy’ due to either alcohol, drugs or both. Don’t panic concerned parents, I wasn’t in any danger from these strange Austrian men. But I’ll get to this incident in a moment, after a nice summary of our evening in Altstadt (which is btw, in case you haven’t taken all this information down from previous posts, the nightlife area of Linz, is very cool with millions of pubs, bars, clubs (maybe, sorry, haven’t seen any like in the German movies, so don’t really know if they do other sorts here and I just haven’t recognised them!)

First event of the day. Host parents having big (well, 8 people, but still means lots of flaffing about) dinner party, so lots of doing random small things just to look like we were helping (both Bibi and I wanted to help, but were refused!) and a bit of stress in the house. Left at 5:50pm… Got into Linz, walking to Maria’s, and were stopped by two men in suits. ‘Uh-oh’ I thought, they want to talk about Jesus… Yep, two Mormons (that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yeah?)… They asked if we’d heard of them before, and I told them, ‘yeah, but in English’… Suddenly, we were away from Jesus, and onto randomness… One of them was from America (possibly the worst American accent I’ve heard) and the other from Germany. Suddenly we were into English (it’s that freaky phenomenon again), and the American was talking about Dumb and Dumber…. Don’t ask me why… Not a clue! Chatted to them for a bit, said that yeah I knew about Mormons, had a friend, but I was Christian… ‘oh ok’ they said, ‘that’s nice’ And that was that… I looked at my watch, said ‘we’ve gotta go’ and we were off… Kat, is that normal? Do they usually give up so easily, or let themselves be sidetracked so easily? Was funny….

I was with Bibi and Maria, and we set out from Maria’s (she lives in the centre of Linz, very handy!) sometime after 9, after they tried to find me something different to wear from Maria’s (large) wardrobe, as all my clothes seem to be in the wash, and they thought I wasn’t nearly colourful enough! Couldn’t find anything, I’d worn the wrong bra to go under all the possibilities, so I was happy sent out in what I’d started! We first went to Walker’s (where I’d spent Friday night too, but with other people, and only until 10:30pm because of trains) but wasn’t anything happening there, so prepared to move on. Stepped outside, and the rain started to POUR down. Cats and Dogs and Hippos were falling from the sky so we stood around for a while under shelter, then ran, under newspaper, into the centre of Altstadt. We dropped into a few places, looking for people we (well, Maria – she’s very useful to have around when we ‘fahrt gehen’) knew and settled in a place with not too loud music (the place before, Segabar, had SUCH loud doof doof music it was just stupid) where we sat and played hangman on the newspaper, and wondered where everyone was. Met a friend of Maria, he asked that inevitable question ‘Australien… Gibt’s Kangarus da?’ and I told him yes, too many, I’ve tried the meat (can’t actually remember if that’s true or not, but I know on the Kakudu trip was something about eating kangaroo, and it gets such a funny response – they can’t imagine wanting to eat the big furry jumping things, they’re too novel!) etc etc… Moved out from there, after Maria’s 3 tequilas and something else… (that was her alcohol for the night though) and roamed a bit more before settling into the Living Room. This was where the slightly too enthusiastic guy comes into the picture…

The Living Room is a very skinny but long bar place, with two levels, first go in and there’s a long counter and booths and dancing area, then up just afew stairs into a section with more booths and a shorter counter. We sat down at one of the booths, and almost immediately these two guys came over and started to talk to us (well to Maria. Bibi and I thought she knew them, can never tell with her!) It came out that I was from Australia, and the attention switched to me, one of the guys having disappeared. Suddenly he reappeared with 2 rum colas, and gave one to me (I’d just like to mention at this stage that it was actually the friend of the weird guy who did this, I think for his mate… Anyway!). The other guy told me to drink it, I had a little sip, and while I don’t mind rum and cola (for alcohol), my brain was going into paranoid/stubborn mode and I wasn’t that keen on drinking it (actually it was more stubborn than anything) The eventually it was drunk by the happy guy (never found out his name) and they disappeared, after he had displayed his enthusiasm for shrieking and being ‘happy’. (Can you tell this week has been a bit boring… this was probably the most exciting thing that’s happened all week…. I need a life….!) Other people we know (well Bibi and Maria, I vaguely recognised the faces) came and sat down and we talked to them. Suddenly Happy Guy was back again, sitting next to me, trying to get me to have fun by shrieking with him. My stubborn thing kicked in again (You know, when the more people tell you to do something you don’t really want to do, the more you resolve not to) and eventually he went away (finally) after trying and failing miserably to convince me I wasn’t having fun because I didn’t want to shriek (not scream, shriek!) he came back a couple more times, before we finally decided to run away to somewhere else…. So there you go!

After that we heard him in Segabar (went back, just to check it really was so loud), and then went back to Walker’s briefly then walked home to Maria’s, at about 3am (Linz is fairly safe). We have no idea where everyone was, or why the streets were so empty at that time (normally they’re full of ‘happy’ people at that time) but it was a fairly quiet night everywhere… And home by 3am… For Maria and Bibi they tell me that’s about 1.5 hours too early!

Got home at 2ish pm, and have just blobbed about, proofed an English essay thing (ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I understand the pain of teachers when they say SPELL CHECKER!) and will go and eat something soon… Is funny with the English though, some pages are now just covered in writing (I do try not to change too much, but so often they’re just typos!) but others are just about perfect… Bit suspicious… But now I know all about Stephen King… Wow his books sound so pattern based…!

And I think that’s all… Will check emails, and add anything relevant! Nup nothing relevant, except the best reaction to my early home coming, thankyou person who squealed in the middle of meeting on reading my sms....!