Friday, 23 September 2005

Robbie Williams sings falsetto

I don'T actually know what categories a voice needs to fit to e singing falsetto, but Robbie Williams seems to be doing pretty well in his new song that's HAUNTING ME! It's following me, whenever I turn on the radio, what do I hear, but him singin ridiculously high... Don't get me wrong, despite his slightly dubious personality, i've always thought he's gt a fairly good voice for a famous person, but this song (what's it called, Spin?) is following me... It actually reminds me of some of our After Juliet music for some reason, which is a bit scary, because that was all 80's music.... I don't know if te song is as big there as here, but since almost all the websites are teeny boppy, I can't avoid it (Hanson'S MM Bop is also getting a little too much air time....) OK, over it, but thought you should know!

Well I’ve had one week now, of school that is, and this time classes are shaping up to be far more enjoyable than last semester. I actually understand far more now, which is a fantastic feeling, and I feel much more comfortable in the class (not that I didn’t before, just that now because I can speak far more, it’s easier to join in with everything!) Today I ‘understood’ maths, I have no idea how to do the maths, but that’s because it was all the silly graphing functions with vectors and high and low points and comfusing stuff that I don’t understand without a graphics calculator in English! Where am I going to need it anyway!! This is probably going to sound really silly to all you people who’ve never been in a foreign speaking school before, but I’ve never before appreciated being actually able to work in class! The timetable for this week is not permanent, is just for this week, but today I had English (where I had to concentrate to talk in English – when I started to read out loud, I couldn’t for a bit, wanted to say all the names with a nice German accent! Is a strange feeling to have to concentrate to speak in one’s own native language…), then French (where I just sit and decorate my notebook – I’ve done the equivalent of joining a TCE French class, taught in a foreign language, when I don’T have any French already! I’d like to see you trying to learn something there!), then German, where we just discussed a film we saw last lesson (Wiener Waldgeschichte or something, apparently the girl was the daughter of a Zauberk√∂nig… umm, Wizard King? But I personally didn’t pick that (wasn’t exactly concentrating on the movie spoken in very strong Viennese dialect…) so I just listened and learnt, so next time, part two will make more sense! In maths we did evil things with lots of y = and stuff (they’ve even got different signs for maths here, . is x, , is . and / is ,) so we’ll skip that one! After that was music… where we just listened to lots of snippets of classical music from the romantic period, and had to say what they were (I picked Schubert’s Ave Maria, and Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite… That was a highlight of the day!) Then a break, I went to the library, got out a whole heap of books, in cluding a few ‘must reads’ (reading a lot of them at the moment, the library is stocked up well! Read Hard Times last week, by Dickens, very unDickensish I must say! Enjoyed it though…) I felt insulted in English today (and you know how hard it is to insult me) because the teacher basically said that if we hadn’t read Stevenson’s Treasure Island, then we mustn’t read at all… This is me he was talking to….!!!! Got that out though…

Anyway… Supposed to have had history this afternoon, but the teacher had a meeting, so had to wait around until religion, which was fine… Did ‘know yourself’ test things. I was in a group with the beautiful front row girls, who aren’t actually too bad (I’ve known that pretty much all along, but they’re still the ‘beuatiful ones’ in my mind!) and we just had to cross the box for lots of questions, scaled from good to bad. Was kinda funny – wasn’t entirely sure what all the questions meant, but did my best, and don’t think I offended anyone…!! After that went into Linz, posted (yet another) birthdaypostcard (people stop getting older!), went to the internet caf√© for a bit, read my email, blah blah blah, bought yummy food for afternoon tea (kebap, as in pita bread with meat and salad… Mmmm!) then found I had a message from Kate (yay, but why were you smsing at midnight?) and then got home… And that’S been my day… Fascinating I know!

Yesterday however I had an extra English class! I think it’S the same one as last semester (or last year as they call it here, which is very confusing!), but with a different teacher, who, I think, has an Irish accent! Not certain though, sometimes she sounded totally neutrally British, occasionally American twang, and then there’d be these massive Dr-Sam-Ryan-on-how-Jane-Doe-died moments! She mentioned something about how something’s said in Britain, so I guess she’s spent time there. Seems really nice though, and I love being able to go somewhere where I can help other people (some people CANNOT understand why I’d want to go to an English class, where it’s not going to help me and my German… Please kick me whenever I have moments that are as selfish as that! Actually starting to get fed-up with just how selfish and self-centered some of the people here are, but they say the faults that irritate us the most in others, are our own, so from now on, I’m going to be watching myself so much more closely!)

Well someone did THAT count recently, and we discovered 13 weeks until Christmas… Wow, less than 13 weeks and I’ll be home… that’s 13 Saturday morning sleep ins, 13 episodes of Desperate Housewives (not actually that many left, but anyway), 13 missed Sunday Night Lives… Not much really! Maybe I should stat thinking about pressies and stuff for home… Actually have a lot of stuff to do soon… Can feel it all just piling up, but I have to find a cheap Ball Dress, will go second hand shopping, but they don’t have many second hand shops here… Dunno what I’ll do about shoes… Worry about that when I get there! Will have to definitely get my hair cut though – the water here is tearing it to shreads or something – so split! Will prolly come back with a crew cut or something… Nah, not really! But do want to get something different!

Oh, and my brother is coming to visit me in December, just a couple of weeks before I leave! Hooray! Someone else to load up with stuff to take home for me… No, don’t worry! Not really! But I’m looking forward to that now!

Spirited Away is on tv tomorrow night, will try to tape it, Save the last dance as well, but Bibi wants that one, and the repeat is at 3 in the morning, and it might be a little triky to change tapes for it… Wilt al kto her though, and see! Found where I can buy videos, so will buy a couple as well, want to buy the Incredibles, but a bit expensive, so will stick to Lord of the Rings or something instead… Can’t get too much though…. Stupid baggage weight restrictions…! Don’T actually know what I’m going to do there… Is amazing how muchjunk one collects… and when you’Re like me, and can’t throw anything away….

Ok, bibi needs the computer in a moment, so will post this (there was actually a point, but as usual, I’ve forgotten it! Will start writing all over my hand again soon!) Oh, she’S practising piano, so bi more time, but I think that’s enough blabbering for a while (when I defined blabbering in class today as what I always do, everyone understood, funnily enough!)… Homesickness all gone, hooray! But still looking forward to going home a bit, although I reckon it’ll be a bit tricky to leave all my good friends here… Most have promised to come and visit me, when it’s winter here, so that’s good!

Going to make a recipe book (bought the book, just have to get the recipes) so I can make everyone real apfel strudel and stuff when I get home!

Remembered the point of this blog! Well done on getting this far though! There’s a BIG thing here called Matura Reise, basically a trip after the final (final final) exams, that almost everyone makes. There are a couple of organised ones, for thousands of people, called Summer Splash and Mission 2 Beach, in Turkey, for 1-2 weeks, or people go off to other sunny places for lots of fun… Now why don’T we have such a thing…? But they’re SOO expensive! But everyone is organising already… Is crazy… Is the lack of a year off between school and uni that does it I think – they have to cram a years worth of school break into a couple of weeks (few people take a gap year or anything, so they all presume I’m here as a part of my academic studies.... Pah, if only they knew….!) Anyway… There you go…. I've been trying to persuade them a nice Matura Reise to Australia, for a winter trip would be great, but so far they don'T seem to convinced...

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