Saturday, 29 January 2005

I have lost 1.5 hours of my life...

... and two of my wisdom teeth! It's a very strange feeling to wake up from the anesthesia to have no idea about what has just gone on for the past 1.5 hours - there's a difference between waking up after sleeping, and waking up after being drugged and operated on!

Anyway, the operation went well, it was fine and dandy, and alhtough I now have quite a square jaw, I don't hurt too much, just a slight ache, and I've only had one panedeine today (that was this morning, and it's now 6:30pm)... Will go and take another soon though, after dinner...! Speaking of which, I have decided there is only so much custard you can eat, and I may reach that threshhold soon, may not though, but do have lots of apple sauce, jelly, yoghurt, icecream, scrambled egg, and tonight, cool bolognaise sauce, as well! it's quite hard to think of mushy foods that do not have lots of sugar in them, so my poor teeth are going to suffer - can't really open wide enough to brush many of them, so will have to mouth wash, but currently on my favourite - warm salt mouth baths... yum yum! Blergh!

I was in Hobart Private, and they're all really friendly there I've decided, but if you do go there, don't accept their offer of jelly - I found it REALLY strong - as though they'd only pyut half the water in - forgotten to put in the cold water or soemthing! They do give you a dixie icecream though, yummy, and juice or water... really it's all lots of numb fun... I hate having a numb tongue though - one of the most irritating things...

WEll SUsan came and visited me at home, about 20 minutes after i got home, which was very nice of her, except that then she had a little car accident at the bottom of my hill, and had to come back, until her dad could come and convoy her home... Poor poppet.... That is an evil corner! According to both Susan and her father though (who is a doctor) I was one of hte most alert people they'd seen who'd just come out of anathesia... I really woke up from ti and felt refresehd though... Not at all tired - people told me that I'd just go home and sleep, but I went home, listened to an audio book for a while, until the power came back on, and then watched Cheaper by the Dozen, then ate MORE custard and jelly (dribbling half of it all over myself cos I couldn't feel it running down my chin) and then Wire i nthe Blood. Hmmm.... too energetic and talkative apparently!

Well no one's going to read this because it looks too daunting and long, so I might as well stop now....! Still trying to work out how to set the default font though.....

Monday, 24 January 2005

And there's the mountain looking pretty in pink!

Here's the actual sun! Smem took that one!

The Sunrsie of the 24th of January, from Mount Wellington, at approximately 6:00 am.

Rise and Shine!

WEll, this morning's sunrise was most pretty, and for those of you who slept through it, here are a couple of pictures!

Hmmm, not entirely sure of how this whole thing works, but there you go! I'll see if I can put another one on there!

Saturday, 22 January 2005

What an odd film!

Dune... can't decide if I liked it or not! It was intriguing, I can see why very few people liked it, but it also has a certain likability!! It reminded me a little of a mixture of The Matrix (prophecy about a super-human person coming to save the world from an intruding evil... for one!), Tremors (big worms going around eating people and destroying things) and Star Wars (desert island, especially Return of the Jedi and the big eating machine in the middle of hte desert - very similar mouths!). Overall it was weird, with the director loving the use of psychadelic imagery, or maybe starting to use computer imagery, and going over the top! The use of the water drop started to get a little repertitive though...!!!

Hmmm... I shall think about whether I liked it or not, wouldn't want to see it again.. I know that much, but that doens't mean it isn't worth seeing once....! Hmmm....

The Count of Monte Cristo

Well I saw the Count of Monte Cristo the other night, the one with Guy Pierce and Jim Cavezial, and I must say it has put me even more off seeing The Passion, I don't want to see a more than one block of wood, and I think the crucifix has that aspect quite covered! The movie was alright, alhtough Dad was complaining it isn't anything like the book (I personally cannot get into Dumas' books, get to about the 2nd chapter and realise I haven't taken anything in...!) but as a movie, it was good entertainment! I'm told the version with Gerad Depardieu is far better, and I'm inclined to believe that, and will see it some day!!

Well, the feather duster has just walked past the window (being the double ended pomeranien dog down the street!), mum tells me it's quite nice once you get to know it, but that's the scary bit, don't really want to go there - how will I know if I'm talking to it's bum or head? It's only when it walks that this is (probably) obvious!!

Bought a suitcase the other day, very exciting, but it's so small - only allowed to take 20kg, so that could be tricky - will actually have to choose what books to take! I'm starting to get ready, kind of, though - been taking all those lovely city shots, went to the market today, so i can say ' this is where i live'.... "this is the drunk with a didge who posed for my friend, and hid the 6 beer cans and bottle of wine from the camera!!"

Anyway, off to watch Dune, not expecting great things, but our video store is $3 per weekly video, or 3 for $5, so FAR cheaper to just get three!!!

Monday, 17 January 2005

I've heard from my family!

Yippee! I faxed them, and emailed and sent a postcard, and got a fax and email reply today (both were the same, long story, but that deosn't matter!) How exciting! The weather sounds a bit extreme (well, compared to Tassie weather!), I'll give it to you in German, but you should be able to understand, not rocket science!

Jänner, Februar, März = Schnee (snow), Regen (rain), Nebel (fog/mist), Sonnenschein (sunny) – Temperatur -10°C bis +20°C
April, Mai, Juni, Juli = Sonnenschein, Regen, Nebel – Temperatur -4°C bis +32

On second thoughts, I'll add translation! That';s a big range of temperatures though! Sounds cold!!

Anyway, I need some lunch, and Mum needs the computer, so must be off!

Friday, 14 January 2005

Go and see Garden State!

It's a really cool movie by Zach Braff (Scrubs guy) about a guy who's been on lithium since he was ten, to surpress bad memories, who has to return home to New Jersey for his mother's funeral. He decides to try not taking the drugs, and for once in his life isn't numb. This movie shows his reunions with old friends, new friendships blah blah blah, but is really worth seeing. It's Braff's first film - does a bit of an Orson Welles and wrote, directed and stars in it, but it has a refreshing newness - none of the old '*sigh* the 20th time i have to direct the same plot with subtle differences' feel. It has a good mixture of comedy and sadness and drama and all that, and there is no sense of 'well it's worked before, so lets do it again'. I really enjoyed this film, although did think it was little slow to start, but that could be intentional, to show the lithium induced numbness of Andrew Largeman. Natalie Portman also stars in this, as Sam the compulsive liar who help Andrew along. Bilbo is also in it, see if you can spot him! (I spent most of the movie trying to work out where I knew him from, wasn't until i saw the 'assistant to' list that I realised!)

Garden State

Go and see it, on at the State at the moment, or wait for it to come out on dvd or whatever, just see it at some stage!!!

Thursday, 13 January 2005

Well, all you who have been hanging on tenterhooks....

...the wait is over! The wait for what I hear you say. The wait for the date of my tooth excavate! (lovely rhyme don't you reckon!)

My wisdom teeth were supposed to come out tomorrow (Friday the 11th), but my dentist had to go and identify bodies in Thailand, and gets back on the 24th. Therefore the great facial delve is occuring on the 28th of January. That's really quite a bad date - means i miss out on Tessa's partay, and probably Elly and Stu's engagement party... :-( That's sad man Lorenzo... so ******* sad.... (sorry, quote from drama...!)

Anyway, thought you should all know, hopefully all will go well, and my face won't cave in or anything.... WOuld wait until after I get back, but apparently the teeth are growing sideways, and the roots are starting to knit with the nervew, which could result in permanent numbness if left too long...

At least it's only two teeth - the top two seem fine apparently, but the bottom ones are troublesome.... blergh! So now that you all know the details of my teeth i can go and say hello to the Canadian strangers we have for dinner..... ;)



Sunday, 9 January 2005

Well, Mayfield is over!

And it was FANTASTIC fun. I love being a leader so much more than a camper! There are too many stories to tell, but ask me, and I may go on about how cool it was, but get in quick, I'll be over it soon! Have to get back to normal life now... start work tomorrow... eek! But even eekier is the fact that I'm having my wisdom teeth out on Friday! Ahhhhhh!

Blergh, so tired, 4 hours sleep last night... silly late night fishing, games, bonfire and early morning leader meetings...! Eyelids drooping already, and it's only 6:30.....

Hello to all from Mayfield who've actually looked at what i wrote on their folders! HELLO!!! Here's where you can find out about what I'm up to... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep in contact with me, email is prolly the easiest!

Well, now that I've washed off half my fantastic tan.... but gotten a lot of dirt out of my hair as well, I feel much more human! Feels weird because I should be going to church tonight, but family dinner, roast lamb (smells SOOOO good!) so must stay here!

Btw, people who know I hate fish would be proud of me, I tried a tinsy winsy bit (after Robbie basically forced me to) and for fish, I thought it tasted very nice. Still didn't taste right though! Not like real fish... fingers...!!! It was freshly caught on one of the night trips!

Lalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Was sad to find only telstra had sent me a message, but 13 people thought I was worth sending spam to... Ahh well, such is life!

Taaraa... will right more when I have mroe to write about and have had a little more sleep on a very comfy bed!