Monday, 6 February 2006

Well we've heard a lot of bad news, where's the good stuff?

I get sick of all the depressing news, and I know everyone else does to. There is good stuff in the world, believe it or not, so I've decided to share some of the funny, good or weird stories of the day (or week as it may turn out to be!) Click on the blurb and see the article! Tell me if it's a good thing to do, I enjoy going through news websites and finding the quirky stories and it's a fabulous procrastination tool!

Anyway, some anti-depression news:

Man runs into wife... with plane.

Celebrity endorsement gone wrong.

Wallace and Gromit wins annies (hope this link works!)

Michael Jackson on a mission for God...?

Clark Kent as a teaching aid (now I'm little worried about this one, there are screen to life parallels everywhere, and they chose this one!)

Return to sender: unwelcome message in a bottle (now you tell me, hoax or not? Although John Cleese did move to America saying the British had lost their sense of fun...)

Well, it's obvious now that Germany isn't Switzerland when it comes to train matters...!

Dutch cannabis....

Could hook worms be the new leech? The next medical insecty thing to help treat medical conditions?

Japanese brain exercise to become the new health revolution??

And that's all for this week's edition of Imo's Quirky News, hope you found a few interesting things there, I know I did! This may become a weekly thing, depending on how much procrastination I need! So if you like it, tell me and I'll discover I really do need to procastinate more! And just for a final laugh, here's a true story about Indiana Jones (I know a lot of people already know this one, but I think it's a fantastic piece of triva or conversation starter: INDIANA JONES

Friday, 3 February 2006

And I've just changed colour!!!

Your Blog Should Be Purple

You're an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything.
You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey.
You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say.

Thursday, 2 February 2006

Going on a Doctor Who hunt

I'm getting desperate, I need the end of my Doctor Who fix!! Been watching all the new ones, which my parents taped for me, but unfortunately can't find 3 or 4 episodes... They got taped on many different tapes, and I know I've missed a couple because I've seen the ads at the end of each episode, but not the full story! If anyone has the full series on video or DVD, could i please borrow it? I'm missing the one where Earth gets blown up, and there's a conference of lots of different species, including the last human, Lady someone who's just a sheet of skin pegged on a frame, also the one where the UFO lands in London and destroys Big Ben, and the one where Captain Jack first comes along, in WW2... I think there may be another one I've missed, but don't know! Ahhhh! They're fantastic though, so much more in depth and addictive than the older ones (although I did like Tom Baker as the doctor!)... And I like Christopher Eccleston as the doctor, he looks funny enough to do the job well!

Anyway, this is a desperate plea.... Please tell me!!! Also tell me if there's a massive gap on my blog between the posts, and the sidebar bit... It all depends on the browser and the computer for me! But Doctor Who is more important!

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

New look!

AS you have hopefully noticed, I have changed the appearance of my blog (and added and taken a few links etc etc)... I'd love to know what you think, whether it's too hard to read, needs other colours, doesn't work properly on your computer (or you don't think it's working properly...) etc etc! Feedback is lovely! I worked hard to get it to this look, so no whinging, just constructive critisicm... You are the ones that have to look at it!

I got my Ls again, hooray! Haven't actually been for a drive since then, all a bit crazy here at the moment (we're getting a new washing machine soon too... Hooray! Maybe i'll actually be able to operate it!) Going over to Melbourne soon too...

This is at Mindl Beach, in Darwin

I'm not sure if I agree with this....

You Are Lightning

Beautiful yet dangerous
People will stop and watch you when you appear
Even though you're capable of random violence

You are best known for: your power

Your dominant state: performing

Thanks Kat for this one!

You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!