Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Well Done Socceroos!

You made them fight for every touch of the ball. Well done.

(Well I had to mention it didn't I?)

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Phew, Kewell's in...

And Australia breathes a sigh of relief. I too was a little worried, although really he shouldn't have lost his temper like that - Germany isn't Australia, they take hooliganism far more seriously than here...

Hmmm.... Apparently there are such things as 'brown outs' and south hobart has been getting heaps lately... Hence the fried mother boards on our computer and printer, sick router and other things that have been going wrong lately - my powerpack that wouldn't charge properly, slightly flickery lights etc etc.... Argh! And now that we've got new houses being built on our street, and electricity coming from Victoria, I don't think it's going to get any better.... I suspect Aurora would say it's all our fault...

And something my Mum said a couple of days ago got me thinking. There has been talk about introducing new rules for wood fires - that the smoke can't be seen 5 metres away or something, obviously trying to get people to go onto electric/more efficient heating, but where's the power for that coming from? With BassLInk it's not as though all our power is clean green hydro power anymore. That really is passing the dirt on...

Cleared out my top cupboard today, that was a bit scary, although i now have a lot more room for clothes - i cleared out 5 shoeboxes of accumulated junk, plus other stuff!

Well I'd love to have something intellectual to say for the end of my post, but i don't, so I'll just stick with a message for my austrian friends

Es ist 'foi' super das ihr endlich aus der Schule seid! Nie mehr Schule! Keine Schule mehr! Hooray! Kongratulieren fuer euere ausgezeichnete Noten! Viel Glueck Bibi fuer August, du wirst es sicher schaffen! Schoene Ferien, habt viel Spass in Barcelona usw! Und ich habe 40/40 fuer meine Aufsatz bekommen!!! Danke Dina! Danke Maria!! Ich koennte dass sicher nicht allein bekommen! Aber ich habe nicht SO viele Fehlern gemacht... :-p Wollt ihr meine Deutsche Pruefungen schreiben?!?

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Nutella Nibbles

Here's a good unhealthy study food aid:

Take one piece of mountain bread
Spread with Nutella
Fold bread lenghtways a few times, so it's about 5cm wide
Cut into fingers/pieces
Put in the fridge for a while


Some procrastination for you who need that 10 minute break every hour.

They arrested my orangutan.

Throw the paper in the bin game

Silly Walks generator

Saturday, 3 June 2006

A very cool bookself!

This is my kind of book shelf! CAVE

But this is so sad. Censorship in Colorado Springs

In other news, i'm officially on swatvac now, so trying to do lots of study....

Kannst du mein Monster halten? Kannst du?