Sunday, 28 February 2010

Spring is springing.

Have you ever really watched spring emerge from the cold damp depths of winter? I mean more than just noticing the blossoms have come out, but actually observing the progress of that blossom, from bud to bloom. I've been blessed enough over the past few weeks to see the process almost daily and observe the slow transformation, and it's quite remarkable.

When I arrived here, I couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to ride on the top level of a double decker bus (although I've since learnt that it can be a little nauseating with some drivers and roads...). Sitting at the front, high up above the world, it's the adult's equivalent of sitting on someone's shoulders and sniggering at everyone's bald spots.

But one of the fantastic things about sitting so high (13'11" from ground to top if anyone's interested) is what there is to see that's invisible from ground level. The top of bus shelters, covered in lichen, bird poo and water puddles, the bus stop sign also covered in, and the buds on the tree branches pressed against the windows.

Spring has long been one of my favourite seasons, and I consider myself quite honoured to be allowed to watch the progress of these buds. A few weeks ago, the branches were completely bare, now they're covered in green tipped lumps. Slowly the leaves are emerging, and soon the streets we travel on the 25 and 35 will be lined with beautiful green trees.

The beauty of this process inspired me to capture it on camera, so I went for a walk around the lake and now give to you a selection of photos not on facebook, in celebration of the last day of winter and the coming of spring.

Photos of the view from the bus are still to be taken, currently it's pretty wet outside, so all the windows in the bus are fogged up.

If you're wondering why I've put a watermark in, it's because I realised any photos I post on my blog are also put on picasa and therefore very easy for someone to use... if they happened to want a strange close up of a tree branch... I found really handy, easy to use, free watermarking software here.


  1. Ooh, lovely pics. Are they the ones you took last night after I told you off for talking to me when I was supposed to be cooking dinner?

    Now I want to go look for signs of spring here!

    When we pass through Istanbul on our way back to Ausland it's supposed to be deep into tulip season which will be exciting!

  2. Beautiful photos Mim. Love that you are loving Spring. I would be loving Autumn if it would hurry up and arrive, or enjoying what's left of Summer if it would consistently appear, but no, we're stuck with Sumtumn, or maybe Autmmer. Tassie weather. Bah.

  3. Awesome photos Imo, I particularly like the one with the twisted cloud on the water. Glad you are enjoying spring, autumn hasn't arrived yet, we are stuck in limbo! Clari

  4. Just looked at these again - love the reflections one.

  5. Beautiful photos. Super well done. Spring is a great time :)

    We've now got cool autumny mornings and evenings. I don't think I noticed them last year because it was sooo much warmer than Europe!