Friday, 29 July 2005

Vienna cool!

Vienna coool, recon it would be a better plaee to live than Salzburg, but I liked Salzburg more on a there for a day basis!

Going to Verona tomorrow, 6 hour drive, on autobahns, so gotta go and pack!

Mum, photos onto cd today, finally! May send them over with michalea!

Bought new trousers (not jeans, but cool!) and shoes for under €35 (about $55)... Bargain! Did new visa, have to wait 4 weeks´- they really don't want me to stay here or something! Gotta run now!

1 comment:

  1. helloo wonderful!!!!

    hey wow it just sounds like you are always having some awesome adventure! Well not much is happening here we just all miss you so much! We just got our exams back! not fun. Tonight people are going to watch baywest people play cricket! haha okay well keep smiling!! you are so amazing imo!

    luv meredith