Friday, 19 March 2010

My new bike

I bought a bike. It's a second hand hybrid (cross between a road and a mountain bike), and I bought it from a guy who comes onto campus to service, repair, sell and buy bikes. He's subsidised by the uni, which I think is pretty cool, and will buy the bike back from me at the end of the year for 40% of what I paid. Although my flatmate has just offered me 50% so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. He did quite a bit of work on getting it up to scratch - new chain, brake pads and cables, some new spokes, a new tyre, so it should do me quite nicely for 9 months. I took it for its first proper ride today, into town and back again. There are more 'hills' than you expect, but you also pretty much just have to ride in a straightish line.

Here are some photos of my bike. Helmets aren't compulsory here, but I feel better having one, so my mission today was to buy one. I managed to get a decent helmet and a super cheap, 'small' reflective vest for under £12 (about $AU20), so now I can feel silly but safe when I ride to and from church at night. And I brought my lights from Australia, so I'm all set.

I am a little concerned about its apparent lack of personality though. I remember many a great bike that named itself, Maurice for one. This one has a few rattles and creaks, but nothing that really qualifies as a name. So I hereby declare a naming competition open. Tell me your suggestions, and if I like one I'll send you a postcard, or something. The right to chose a completely different name remains with me, and anyone can enter.


  1. Bruce.
    a) it's a good name
    b) it's Australian and;
    c) my old boss at Cube was called Bruce and he was tall and lanky and reminded me of a cyclist.

  2. Can we get a photo of you in your reflective vest?!! ;) Goon onya for being safe though! :)

    Ummmm...a name....
    Barney. I think that is a cute name for a bike!

    You could also call it 'Rattle-and-Creak' hehehehehe!

    Hmmm my brain is not very creative at the moment (the drain of doing lots of uni assignments!!) so that's all I can come up with!I might try again later.... :p