Monday, 20 June 2005

A BBQ here is a big deal!

I'll tell you all about the 'grille' we had on saturday, but first, to the comments on the other post!

Alex: picked Warren Clarke, he looks almost identical to now, with fewer wrinkles! Thought that was funny! We're actually not going to finish watching it, because it doesn't work properly, but Bibi wants to see it fully as well, so we'll borrow it off someone (they don't seem to do video shops here... or something!) alhtough it'll still be in german, but better than nothing! Btw, had a very strange dream where everyone from home went weird, and you got about 10 ear piercings for each ear, looked a bit like Rimmer from Red Dwarf when he loses all his cowardice actually, including the hair... I'd just read 5th Harry Potter, with Tonks who can change her appearance at will though, think that's where it came from, because you could do that to your hair too... Can't actually remember how other people went weird though... unfortunately!

Mum: Dunno know about the Old Vienna Choir boys, will keep my ears open!

Kat: What's your new blog address?

And now the important bit, the bbq! It is a process that takes several hours! No such thing as 'hey, how about we 'grillen' these chicken wings today', instead all the food gets prepared (salad, being the weird kinda lettuce that I don't really like, but eat a lot of here, because it's absolutely coated in olive oil and vinegar, and the meat, and any grillable vegies). The bbq has to be dug out of the cellar, and assembled (just like lego actually), and then lit and then everything gets cooked while you sit and eat the salad entree... Very strange I think.... Is kinda hard to explain how they're so different to aussie bbqs, but they are! Like the sunsets which are completely different, still fantastic, but aren't as colourful (they go through stages, rather htan having every colour at once), but are much wider (maybe that's just the horizon is wider) and last for ever! Today is the longest day of the year!!

Have discovered my complete favourite cake! Erdbeer Kuchen (Strawberry cake)! Would be learning how to make it now, but started checking my emails, and writing this, and then Margrete asked me how long I'd be, said 20 minutes, and she's making it now.. but I'm sure there'll be more opportunites! The cake however is a kind of sponge base, with a yummy custardy layer and then strawberries with gelatine all over that! I'm sure I've seen them in Australia, but can't remember them being so yummy! Yesterday I ate 3.5 slices (they were FORCED upon me! Really!)...!

Oh and I#m staying here unti lthe first week in January... Just thgouth you shoudl all know! Will leave here somewhere between the 1st and 8th.. i'm thinking the 5th would be a nice date! Christmas in Europe! Hooray! And NEw Years!

Must be off! We might be going starwberry picking soon! Ahhh, I love summer here! ANd my legs have actuyll tanned! They never tan in Tassie! Usually i'm just too scared of sunburn I think, but here they've gone a nice slightly brown shade (mainly on the front though....!!!!)


  1. whoa!
    well here it is the SHORTEST day of the year and it's raining outside and I am tired but we had a fab bible study last night! We read through the WHOLE of Hebrews and it was really interesting and I got into it lots and squiggled all over my printout and thought heaps about the writer and the readers and ME and GOD and everyone! you should go read hebrews again if you haven't recently, me loving it.

    school is fab. we have exams coming up and already we have to write our leavers notes. any ideas for a relevant quote? i kno u are the queen of such a domain so i thought i should request your assistance!
    love you lots!

  2. What happened to your clocks at the top of the screen?

  3. damn you and your summer, yesterday I had the fire cranking and the heating on and the house was still only 12 degrees. Have a lie in the sun for me (maybe then I'll thaw out) it's still raining so instead of hockey training we are going for a drinky poos, obviously to talk about our game plan, not gossip...

  4. Hey Imo!

    I love your blog - I read it all the time! It's the best procrastination tool ever :) Hope you're well and having lots of fun
    love and God bless,

  5. Yo IMO lol
    my new one is
    Yip i lost da info of da other 1.