Monday, 27 June 2005

Salzburg, Vienna, London, Munich, Berlin, All of Austria...

Well, my list is getting longer and longer... Am going to get an Austria wide train ticket, which basically means i can go on as many train trips around Austria as I like, on just this one ticket.. is VERRY good value! Hopefully should be able to get it (keep on finding silly rules like you have to have been living in the EU for 6 months before you can buy a certain ticket... etc etc) and it'll make life sooo much easier!

Meeting Imo K in Salzburg in a couple of weeks, soooo looking forward to it!!! Can't wait to see someone from home! We'll be doing te SOund of Music tour (so Bibi isn't going to come with us to Salzburg, which i9n some ways will be nicer, but she can't stand the Sound of Music) and then Imo might come to Linz for a day or something...

We also want to go to London in August (I'm really looking forward to this, hopefully will happen, just for being in an English speaking country again...), so if anyone has rellies or friends there who'd love to have an Austrian and an Australian to stay for just a couple of days, please tell me!! I love being in Europe - it's what they do here, just go off to other parts for a few days at a time!!

Anyway, have to go, longer at some other time, I know I'm not writing as much at the moment, but not really doing much, and the stuff we do do just kinda fits in to the day and I can't be bothered!! I think it's a sign that i#m really fitting in with the famiy though!

Will tell you all about Salzburg though, and it's the 'fun' week next week (well more fun) where we do interesting stuff, and clean the class room, get reports and then HOLIDAYS!!!! two months of SUNNY WEATHER!!


  1. howdy doody,
    Glad to see you are having so much fun gallavanting round Austria. Sorry, all my rellies live in victoria, NSW and QLD, If Deniliquin is on your trip I know some people there who would lend you a bed.
    I hope you aren't having too much fun nor working to hard

  2. hey!
    yeah im so glad ur not blogging as much at the moment cos i have decided that its a good sign!
    not a lot is happening down here. umm big brother is really skanky. i don't get any newspapers at mum's house so i have no idea what is happening in the rest of the world! or the rest of my state! kinda sad but hey.
    umm work hard (no thats what im meant to do) and i can't wait to see ur face again! make sure it has lots of happy lines on it!