Monday, 6 June 2005

If you're looking for fresh pigeon for dinner, come to Linz

The pigeons are so dumb here - was just walking along, and the pigeon in front of me decided I was a threat when I was about 10cm away, and then just decided to waddle sideways... Makes me think of the Goodies: Dumb animals...!

The guy in this internet cafe now knows me, and I don't have to show my card anymore - he actually remembers my name and everything...!

Going to Vienna on Saturday, to visit another daughter, so that'll be good! Then on sunday i'll prolly be helping Melanie with her English (she failed her test, so has to redo it, but needs help in prep...!) I got my test back, got an A, hooray, apparently there was a Texan girl last year who got a D (out of A-F), so I was a little worried, but then someone reported to me that i'd gotten a B, which I thought was funny. Then It turned out i actually had an A, alhtough a few mistakes (some I just say were colloquialisms or informal ways of saying things) but I have the advantage of being able to say 'that's how we say it in Australia'.

Well, really don't know why I thought i'd write an entry right now, nothing really to write, should be reading the Sydney MOrnnig Herald or soemthing.. SO byesybye

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