Saturday, 19 March 2005


I'm on holidays! Easter holidays! They have theirs the week before easster here, school goes back the wednesday after!! Hoepfully I'll get to update again sometime before then, but ifnot, that's why!

Latest word defining horror: Juggernaut! I don't know what that means, how were the poor studnets supposed to define it????

There are always millions of jetstreams i nthe sky here, amazing, and slightly weird... can always see at least one plane flying overhead!!

Meredith, what happens when people are caught cheating in America, even on small tests in school? We've been told it means cousnelling and stuff, but I can't believe that somehow, for just a small 5 word spelling test??????

Have a mobile, if you want the number ask Erica, my parents, Ruth, Liz or email me!!!

Gotta go... Tschüss!


  1. Hey Imo!!!
    It seems like ur having an absolutely awesome time! I was at church yesterday and I almost said outloud "where's Imo tonight?" I just keep thinking ur away for the weekend and I expect you to like walk in the door! hehe hmm...what happens to people if their caught cheating on a test. Well it differs depending on the school and even the teacher. Like it could be as simple as u get a zero on the test and maybe they'll call home to as severe as being suspended or expelled. just as a good general rule don't cheat!! hehe well we all miss ya heaps here!!!

  2. that was from meredith by the way!! hehe luv ya girl

  3. last time i tried to leave a comment on ur thingy imo it made me create my own blog. i dont know why.

    i thought id leave a message to tell you i still love you and that i hear austrians are lovely in the summertime! xxxkatie