Friday, 11 March 2005

My Name....

And.... Here I'm I-mogen ('I' as in irate), or Imo-g-en ('g' as in garden) or weird mixtures of that and the proper pronunciation!! They've never heard of the name before!!!

There was something, else, but haven't the foggiest what it was.... sorry! Must be off!

I wish they'd tell us how to say things like 'the Tasmanian Devil does not spin on its tail' in German lessons! I'm going to have to write an Excahnge student phrase book I think - lonely planet is lovely and all that, but it presumes your a tourist staying in hotels and things, not a student living with a family!! Ahh well! I#ll deal with it!



  1. Triplicate? Uses up too much of my screen and I'm trying to economise!

  2. So did you hear about Lizzie wearing a witch's hat, sitting in a supermarket trolley on a traffic island in Sandy Bay road, ready to wave at Princess Mary and Prince Fred on their way to the Chocolate Lovers' Ball at the Casino? Mary did a double take and waved back!!

  3. Argh! This computer runs on windows 95 which really doesn't like my site! Sorry bout the triplicating thing.... that was the computer refusing to put my blog on the site, and then deciding it would... but I'd gone by that stage!