Friday, 25 March 2005

My family!

My family consists of:

Johann (Hans) - host father, someone important in the local Judo scene (does something related to that for a living!)

Erika (in blogs, Erika senior) - host mother, works at a nursery, does lots of stuff around the house

Simone 23ish - host sister, mother to Sarah and Baby Michi, lives downstairs with husband/partner. Possible smoker (seen her smokng once, but she doesn't leave a smell behind when she walks past!)

Christian - Simone's male companion, barely ever seen him, except at mealtimes, mechanic.

Michael (Michi) 17- host brother, apprentice carpenter, usually has lots of friends visiting his upstairs lair (right above my bedroom, have on occassion been quite glad of that 'fall asleep through anything' training our uni student neighbours forced on me!). Smoker

Erika C (in blogs, Erika junior!) 15- host sister, student at a neary training school (not sure what she's studying). Often out and about hitting the town (dunno what doing!) or something. (Illegal) smoker.

Sarah (Sally - how does that come out of Sarah!!!) 3 - Cute, in a three year old kinda way, loves hidig in my warrobe, and playing the 'I'll hid this ball somewhere obvious and you have to find it' game. Reminds me a little of Smeagol (sudden mood swings!) and is a fantastic expert at crocodile tears!

Baby Michi 2 months-ish - hmm... not much more i can say there!

Oma - Hans' mother, comes around and knits sometimes, doesn't do anything but knit funny socks!!


Magdalena - My support person here, plays in a rock band, addicted to tv soaps, very nice!
Elise - Australian exchange student from same organisation, 18, year off between school and uni, talkative..!

And I think that's st about all... there are people from school too, but I can explain them if necessary!!


  1. Hi Imo, I can't remember my password so its' gonna have to be anonymous!! Sorry I haven't written here before, I'm more of a procrastinator than Claire!!! Umm not much to say though. SOunds like ur having an awesome time over there!!! I feel sick from Easter eggs!! I got a casual job at Target, there was some guy who knew you and recognised me, but I don't remember his name -DUDE ARE YOU OUT THERE SOMEWHERE????!!!!

    I have spent the rest of my time (ok not all but some of it ) TRYING TO CONVINCE PEOPLE TO COME OUT WITH ME COS I'M LEGAL NOW!!!!! YAY!!!

    The smokers over there sound evil, but ur probably a lot less stressed for it- JK!! Hmmm, neway I gtg eat something HEALTHY now!!1 I promise I'll comeon here more often, miss ya heaps.

    Luv Nicola.

  2. hey matey!!!
    It was soo good to talk to you on friday night (our time) even if you couldn't hear me! hehe soo get pics of the hott guys!!! you have a 17 year old guy in ur house who brings over friends, how easy would it be to get a pic! "hey guys wanted to take some pics of my host family get in the photo too!" hehe i love it!! well we all miss you! have a good Easter! Jesus loves you! keep smiling!

    Love Meredith