Friday, 13 May 2005

Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Found a class (finally got aroudn to it) for German for people who don't speak it! Got to half the class on wednesday (the class has independently changed their times, and it's not on the timetable I looked at...!) Looks like it'll be fun in a hard work kind of way! WE got lots of homework, and I was supposed to copy it off someone from the calss, but by the time th e teacher finished telling me that, everyone was gone, and I have no idea where to look for them...! Have bought the text book at least, and I think there's some work in there! The teacher is a bit scary, but i'm sure she's nice... :-s There's about 8 people in the class, moslty Turkish I think, and an African girl... More updates when I know more...!

I'm going to buy an InterRail train ticket for the summer holidays, and will hjopefully be able to travel all over europe with it (within my visa restricions).. I don't know how it works, but my host father tell me it's very useful... Met up with MAgdlena yesterday, and she also gets the definte impression that my family expects me to do all my own thing, including the tourist things, and won't have any problem if I go off for a week or whatever under my own steam! It's funny, there were rules set by the organisation in Australia, but here they don't seem to be kown - I'm supposed to travel with either school, my fmamily or have an over 25 y.o. in the group, but MAgdalena was encouraging me to go to Vienna for a weekend, by myself or with a couple fo school friends. She's even offered me the use of a flat that she used to live in, that her friend now uses... Very hany indeed!

As usual, there were other things I wanted to tell you about, but really can't remember, all the german just pushes 'unimportant' things out I think...!

Oh yeah, i'm used to feeling I can't speak German, but it isn't often I feel I can't speak English. Yesterday I did, in English. The class was looking at 'common' English idioms, and I had to give an example where you'd use each one. Unfortunatly I hadn't heard of a few, and other I've never used in my life. It's really hard to think of examples that can be understood by non-english speakers... Ended up using chocolate to explain lots... Don't really know if they understood though! Not being able to understand the teacher on occassions doesn't help me feel I can speak English either! Gotta run

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