Wednesday, 4 May 2005

My list is washing off...

...I've written a lovely list of stuff to write about, again, on my hand, but having washed my hari this morning, so it's started to wash off... This post will therefore involve a lot of squinting and hand twisting...!!

Rather funny in music yesterday, we've got a concer coming up, and some of the guys were given the job of stiking up posters for it. The teacher wasn't too impressed with the fact they managed to stick one on a wall with wet paint... Ooops...! He then gave the job to a couple of other people, and was asking for tape, but everyone's tape seemed to have disappeared... Can't think why (remember this is the teacher who also teaches english, and doesn't know the difference between less and fewer)... eventually some was rusteld up... was quite funny though... ma have needed to be there....

Lord of the Dance is on next week in Linz... ther's posters advertising 'Michael Flatley's Lord othe Dance'... I thought it had died personally... but apparently not!

My German is getting better at a steady rate now I think, although in class I can't take notes by myself still because I don't know how to contract it to note taking lengths! Instead I just copy whoever I'm sitting next too (althoug htey've all got such silly handwriting this is almost as hard!)... I don't get jokes though, which is one of the hardest thigs - it's very hard when everyone else is laughing, and you have no idea why, is often tempting to just laugh anyway, but then you fel almost as stupid... When it's with people who know I don't understand it's ok, but when its with strangers is terrible - on the bus from train to home the bus driver made some comment about this grumpy old man, which was apparentlyt very funny (eve nteh old man was laughing) and I felt very out of it... I could imagine what he said, but it's hard to laugh at what you imagine people say....!

Now there's only one note left, can't work it out, plus Baby shark, but that'S been answered already (tahnks Kate!) so don't have to ask...! Ahhh... Weasther! The weather here is almost as god as tassie weather at the mo... On Monday it was 30 degrees across the country (I think it got to more than that here, was 28 at 6pm on my way to the train) with lots of blue sky (althoug hte sky isn't as blue here as in tassie - not that really nice deep blue, I think it's pollution....) and today the mximum for the country was predited at 15 or 16, with storms predicte for the next few days... Yesterday there was the first proper rain though -a real downpour, was fnatastic, short but great!

Anyway, now that you know it all... I must be off... Hooroo!

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