Sunday, 8 May 2005

My five day weekend is nearly over...

...Which is both good and bad...! i'm starting to get a bit bored, so it's good, but mean i have to go back to a whole week of school, which is bad! Anyway,had a nice time...

I've discovered the way into the hearts of my fmaily.. no, not really... well I dunno, but they love my butterscotch slice (made into biscuits because of cooking utensil shortage...)... I cooked a batch on Thursday night, and they were all one by Friday afternoon, then cooked another lot yesterday, almost all gone again.. I think I'd better go and grab some for me soon, before they really are all gone! Mmmmm!

Mother's day today, going to see lots of little baby ducklings at Erika's mother's house soon... Must be off.. there was actually something inteligent I had to write, but can't remember what it was, and was just writing in the vain hope it would come back, but so far no luck... Ah well...


  1. what!!?? sorry that is a word we are saying a lot in chemistry today.

    its a free verse haiku!

    here once was a girl called kath
    and she was too young to go to cat empire
    but it didn't matter
    cos this weekend
    ate aquatics icecream
    played pictionary
    danced for jesus
    saw a tassie devil under the car
    (that was actually an eastern quoll)
    and had really good coffee

    hmmm and now the analysis (rather than the analysis of my results for experiment 45 - enthalpy changes in chemical reactions).
    "here once was a girl called kath"
    hmm... perhaps a postmodern, satirical take on "there once was" by changing the "there" to a "here". bringing the fairy tale into the present? or maybe it was a typo.
    "and she was too young to go to cat empire"
    ahh, clearly an expression of youth, and excess thereof.

    ahhh the deepest line of all. kath.... says it all really.
    yes and that's the end of my analysis since we're almost done in chem...
    love you mim!

  2. It's all a bit sad really! But funny...! Cheers!Hope chem was... enlightening...