Friday, 20 May 2005

Immediate prayer answer!!

Lala!!! Dienstag... enschuldigung, having conversations in german on msn, my brain is going to sizzle... On Tuesday, did the quick prayer thing (not on my knees or hands clasped or anything, just a quick thought), and on wednesday, Bibi offered me a new host family! i'd been talking to her about it, getting her opinion, finding out what she'd do with a host student (not hinting, just finding out the perspective of a 'native'!) etc etc, and she went home and told her parents, and they said they'd love to take me in, would love to have an australian, very interested in it all!! Would be great, but we have to try and sort it al out through talking first! To be honest, I'd rather just change families, but you know how it goes...! Will all sort itself out! Thanks for the prayer about it htough, and keep on going please!

Finding out about the LInz night life tomorrow! We've got our choir concert, then I'm being taken by 17 year old girls to their 'favourite pubs'... Very funny to hear them sy things like that...! Perfectly normal though!

My bladder is about to burst though, so i must go to the 'klo'...!

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  1. here is a comment on your page to comment on


    I put 'random comment' into google this is what i got

    "Nope. He watches TV, and works on his latest book. No matter how the rest of the country looks today, Saddam Hussein is getting jail, American style. And if Johnnie Cochrane were still alive, no doubt he'd win the day in court, dedicating his life to eventually finding the real dictator"

    exciting stuff...