Wednesday, 11 May 2005

I've just found out what's wrong here!

... And before you all have crises because there'S something wrong in Austria (I saw a daddy long legs the other day, and for a moment was actually frightened because it was the first vagualy dangerous living thing I've seen since arriving...!) I'll explain!

Just read Hannah's latest report on life with the Salvo's in Melbourne, and there was a bit that summed up just what I think I've thoguth before, but has never eally sunk in. Hope it isn't copywrited Hannah, think it's just easier to copy and paste...

I miss the simple things of home like parents paying for things, my own
room to reside in, brothers, young girls and boys in crèche and Kidzown, a
car and knowing people in the street

Now not all these apply to me, but some do especially the knowing peoplei n
the street! I find myself walking down Landstrasse (the main street) keeping
an eye out for people I know, in an unconscious way. If someone gave me a Euro fo everytime I thought 'Hey it's Gablergh, what on Earth are they in Linz for? Should i say hello?' (and yes I often get that far in the thought process), I would have a lot of money to give the beggars (well maybe buy food and then give that to them, so they dont lose their begging spots. Yes, it does bother me!) It's especially people from home I look out for I think, and of course I'm disappointed because I don't see anyone! Never really realised how much it means to be able to smile or say hello to people who you don't really know, just always share the bus with or whatever, they don't do that here...

Read George Orwell's 1984 today (yep, started it in our non-German lesson, and finished it this eveing, reading almost only in my own time). Been wanting to read it for ages and ages, and it was sitting on Bibi's desk, because they study it in English (the poor poor poppets, it's not easy to read) so I thought no time liek the present...! It was really really good, I couldn't put it down! Reminded me of Fahrenheit 451 in many ways - set in the future where people re controlled through fear, ith no privacy etc etc. Reading it, I have no idea what made people think it was a good idea to make it into a tv series. Saw theend coming, but also had the feeling I remembered thebits of the last part, thinking maybe I've heard bits indrama monologues - it would be good! Anyway, suggest reading it, will be doing so again a few tiem s I reckon! Can't believe it was written at the end of WW2, thought it was kinda funny that hte protaganists name was Winston, wonder if there's some significance with Winston Churchill...

Anyway, love the 'recover post' button.. Michi just succeeded in black outing the house twice (and the second time the power was convinced it wanted to come back on in here, but he did warn me there might be the scond time,although I#d just convinced the computer it did want to start again! No blue scren pf death which i thought was funny...!) He says there won't be another time, but not fully trusint, so going to post this and go to bed! Can you tell i'm now writieen very fast? MY keyboard skills have jsut gone overboar I think! Sorry! MAy come back and correct some day when I'm old and grey...! Taaraa!

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