Sunday, 10 April 2005

I'm not homesick...

... Susan, Bridget, Erica, Imo and Claire, reading your comment made me laugh! Bit sad it's not as crazy without me, and that you managed to be so quick in the video shop! Hope the fritatta was good!

Well, I'm reading Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisel at the moment (first Harry Potter, auf Deutsch), because I know the story, and was going through English books too fast, so I thought I'd take it on as a challenge! Once I get going, I can read it fairly well though, and only have to look up a few words on each page (the first few pages are covered in notes though!)... some pages are almost impossible to not look up 50 gazillion words though... Anyway, it's very satisfying!

Funny, I was expecting the death of the Pope to affect heaps of people here, for there to be memorial memorabilia stands popping up out of nowhere, lots of people crying around the churches etc etc, but there's NOTHING! went and checked out Marien Dom a couple of days after, expecting at least a little shriney typue thing outside somewhere, but there wasn't, couldN#t go in to look though, too early... Only the media really seems that interested (finally, something other than Charles and Camilia's wedding!! They're obssessed with that too!) and Shrek was interupted (during the sad Shrek and Princess Fiona are seperated bit) for the news flash that he#d ust died. There have been plenty of photos of mourning Italians, lining the streets of Vatican City etc etc, but I barely see any signs of it here. I know there is a lot of passive Catholocism practised here, but still...!!

Went to a very cool candle factory today. NBever know there were so many different tyoes of candles - they were all so pretty!! Then we went and had lunch somewhere (dunno where) and ate this weird traditional Austrian thing, can't remember the name, but was a bit lit miny gnoccis cooked with a cheee sauce. Was quite nice, but there was SO much of it - massve plate, couldn't finish it, there was salad too, but was yummy! Lots of eating places here don't actually have menus (or they hide them away so thy don't wear out...) so xyou have to know what you want! My family decided for me, so that was good!

Raining lots here at the moment... not too cold though...

Erika's back (been back for a while...), her toe is getting all better, although it looks a little gross - they cut all the skin off the end or soemthing, so now it's kinda black (which sounds really bad, but apparently it's healthy...)...

Must be off... people to see, places to go... well no actually, just food to eat!

Any questions?

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