Sunday, 17 April 2005

Shopping was fun!

Even if Bibi and I spent the whole time groaning because our legs were sore... Although she only had sore calf muscles, from the stretching at the end of the run, while the tops of my thighs were so stiff! Walking down stairs was torture... Anyway, I bought clothes, yay! 4 t-shirts and a jacket which was good, they were things that I needed... Left home at 8 in the morning, got home at 6 in the evening (although there wee a couple of hours of travel i nthere too) so felt I'd really done well in the spending a day shopping thing..!!! There's a really good pizza place here, Leonardo's Pizza that does a 1/4 pizza (2 good sized pieces) for €2, so pizzy or lunch, ice cream for afternoon tea (that was rather funny, a flavour called Alpencaramel (Mountain caramel, mabe it was toffee, something like that though) and I thought ti was Altencaramel (old caramel, I thought it was just some strange Austrian thing) which is was I asked for.. quite funny i must say!)

Ok, Windows Messenger it is, don't need fancy things, just talking to people is enough!

Did have lots of things to say, but can't remember any of them, Kate's been telling me all about her drama with her crushed kidney and soccer and catheter... and I've gotten kinda distracted! That means I'm going to go now, and come back some other time when Ican actually remember what I want to say!

Saw a funny film last night, Australian/German production about a boy and his mum who go from Australia to Germany to live with his father (or seomthing - not entierely sure of hte specifics) and the boy takes (smuggles) his pet koala (in a backpack, on the plane, for well over 20 hours, am I missing so,ethign here...) blah blah blah.. was quite funny though...

Must be off, btw, I think for you guys to message me only costs a normal message amount (for me to send one to you is a bit more for me, but don't hesitate to send me one if you really want to! I will (prolly, depending on my credit and reception levels) reply!) and it's always exciting to get a messae from home!

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