Saturday, 9 April 2005

Me with a frog on my head....

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    Here at the Koolhofs, the five ( usual gang minus you) of us are cooking dinner - fritata. By all of us cooking I mean that Imo, Erica and Claire are cooking, Susan's reading a book and I'm randomly filling out forms ( becoming a guide leader!) anyway, without you we only spent half an hour in the video store and settled on Greenfingers, mostly because none of us have seen it ( except sus) and it was easier than arguing.
    Angus and Reuben are coming home tonight and we are going out to see them later. Hope Austria wasn't overwhelmed with grief re-death of pope, being a catholic country.
    Susan's now lying on the couch feeling hungover and Erica's getting people drinks. Still slightly weird without you being here - less crazy although I'm trying! They don't respect my efforts at madness! Imo is now a housemaid at the Mayfair Plaza Hotel but unfortunately doesn't have to wear a silly dress thing with apron and hat. She doesn't hate it yet despite the cleaning and tidying and all the money is going to Switzerland so that's cool. Banjo's is practically employing me full time because one of their staff quit which is awesome.
    Erica and Imo are the only ones cooking now and Erica is mourning the passing of time etc etc etc and talking about Imo visiting you.
    My brother turns twenty tomorrow 20!!!!! too old to be my brother.
    Imo and I are now singing the Blue Danube Waltz and Claire is yelling at us to be quiet - she has joined Susan in the living room.
    I've read the comment to those in the kitchen to get their approval, they approve but say that you'll be homesick when you read it. I agree but hey, you have to miss us at some stage.
    Susan and Claire are arguing about Claire's taste in music - crys of No non on no no non o from Susan and now hysterical laughter as I assume someone tickles someone else. Susan is now in kitchen as is Claire - good time to wrap up!
    Everyone says hello and good evening,
    Bridget with help from Erica, Claire, Susan and Imo.

    post script by susan and claire
    There was no tickling I was making claire laugh by my methods of drinking sunkist. Point 2- I was merely voicing my opinion on claire's taste in music, and she doesn't like olives. I am not hungover anymore, I am merely in the afterstages of the hangover (tired and shirty) and I have seen the movie so I can sleep through it. I have to stall for time as Claire wants to write something... argh she is hurting me

    i damn well would have if she'd kept that up any longer! Hey chickaboo. Crazy cooking going on here, it's spelt frittata by the way, susan wouldn't let me correct the spelling earlier. And there is nothing wrong with jack johnson or the beautiful girls, and olives really are quite gross i think. so thbpppttt to susan, who is now pretending to help by whisking eggs that don't really need to be whisked any more.

    post-post script by susan
    you can never over beat eggs. There is a melee with claire eating bridget's cheese (well she grated it) there is now a debate over whether Bridget has ownership of the cheese soon we will be going in to the family tree of buttercup. Write to you later