Saturday, 16 April 2005

My bum, my poor poor bottom...

... Why is it always me that gets the strange aches and pains after exercise? My family thinks it's hilarious that it's my 'hintern' that hurts the most from this morning's run... Well maybe not hilarious, but they got a bit of a laugh out of it... Why? I ask you... my legs are fine, maybe a LITTLE tired (I'll see how they are tomorrow morning...!) but the tops of them, the fludgy bit (like my word, thought it was quite nice really, just made it up...!) where they connect with the rest of my body, specifically the fludgy bit I sit on is stiff... that's not natural I tell you...

Anyway, over it now... Going to a big shopping place tomorrow, in Pasching (yes that's the real name and it's pronouced like that, for those of you who care...). Some place called PIm City or something what apparently is the best palce to buy clothes and stuff! Ohh how exciting! A nice cahnce to spend lots of money I'm not entirely sure I have (It#s ok, won't really!)

the run today was ok, long though (well, 1/2 an hour is a long time when you hate running for the sake of running!), but it was along the Donau (Danube for those of you who don't know, and go look it up if you're still unsure!) so was very pretty, I wanted to walk to look at everything - hadn't been that way before!! We have to do it again next week though, which is sad, I liked going to the gym... :-( After the run, we got to play games with flat basketballs (a game, pass the ball 10 times within the team, no touching the ground or the other team, get a point) while the guys got to play soccer the lucky people!

My schnupfen is all gone! Was amazing, fully blown cold on Wednesday (well definately growing into a full one) and after I#d taken my meds on thursday (revolting, didn't put them in enough water.... yuk yuk yuk!) my nose just dried and since then I've been fully better! Nice answer to prayer! Been other cool ones too, freaky drunk guy on the train, tlaking to the only other person in the cabin, poor boy, we all were getting off at the same station, and I just did the quick 'protect us God' prayer, and the drunk guy decided to abuse the train driver, so everyone had time to retreat to a safe distance (and watch) and it was all good! Poor man though... Can't help feeling sorry for people like him... There's lots of beggars in the streets too, and I'm never quite sure what to do, I know it's not sociallly correct to give them money (and I wouldn't give them money anyway I don't thinkg) but still doesn't make me comfortable ust to walk straight past. I've been tempted more than once to give food to the two in the underpass (they have amazing complicated underground things here, was very scary for the first few tiems, but now I know my way!) but still don't really know...

Having updated yesterday, that's all my news ithink... Will put on a funny picture mum sent me... And Elise sent me a funny things about Australians, but people have complained before about me posting emails, so I'll see if I can put it on as a document or something. Bit tasteless about Tasmanians (not taking it personally, you'll see!), but the rest is funny... Hmm, can't work out how to do it right now, have asked the blogger people, will try when I find out!!

On this computer is alread Windows Messenger. IS there any reason for me not to use that instead of downloading MSN Messenger? I don't know the differences between them, so please advise me, I'd rather not have to download MSN, when this is already on here and working, especially since it would mean asking HAns who is not the most ocmputer literate person i nthe world, and it would jsut get confusing and complicated!


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  1. IME Windows Messenger lets you chat like normal but seems much more basic in terms of pictures, emoticons, and all the gubbins that MSN Messenger has.